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Glossary Of Terms / H

Glossary Of Terms / H Exterior Interior Exterior Interior Surface 1 Surface 2 Surface 1 Surface 2 Surface 3 Surface 4 Single Monolithic Glass Single Laminated Glass Exterior Interior Exterior Interior Surface 1 Surface 2 Surface 3 Surface 4 Surface 1 Surface 2 Surface 3 Surface 4 Surface 5 Surface 6 Double Glazed Unit Double Glazed Laminated Glass surface positioning. Hardness The resistance a material offers to change, usually expressed in “Shore A.” Heat absorbing glass Glass that absorbs higher amounts of solar energy than clear glass. Hard coat Coating applied to glass during its manufacture. Referred to as a pyrolytic coating. It is very durable and can be cut and toughened from stock. Refer to Pyrolytic. 234 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glossary Of Terms / H-I Heat gain and heat loss Heat gain occurs in the summer months, when the exterior temperature is above the interior temperature and the heat flows inward. Heat loss occurs in the winter months, when the interior temperature is warmer than the exterior temperature and heat flows outward. Heat-reflecting glass Glass that reflects heat. Heat-resisting glass Glass that does not expand as much as normal glass. It has a lower coefficient of expansion. It will not break as easily with increased temperature. Borosilicate is the most common type of heat-resistant glass. Heat soaking Heat soaking is a process where toughened glass is reheated for a period of time at high temperatures to induce breakages that may be caused by inclusions or contaminants in the glass. Heat strengthened glass Glass that has been heat treated to a specific surface and/or edge compression range. Heat strengthened glass is approximately twice as strong as annealed glass of the same thickness. Heat strengthened glass is not a safety glass and will not give as many fragments as toughened glass. Heat transfer Heat transferred by one of three mediums; conduction, convection or radiation. Heat treated Annealed glass heated to a temperature near its softening point and forced to cool rapidly under carefully controlled conditions. Heat-treated glass may be either heat strengthened or fully toughened (tempered). Heel bead Sealant applied at the base of a window channel, after setting the glass panel and before the bead is installed. One of its purposes is to prevent air and water penetration. Hermetically sealed Made airtight by fusion or sealing. Insulated Glass Units are hermetically sealed. Horticultural glass A low grade glass used for glass houses and other horticultural applications. Hydrofluoric acid The only acid that attacks glass. Inclusion A solid particle entrapped in glass. Email: | Web: 235