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Glossary Of Terms / M

Glossary Of Terms / M Exterior Interior Exterior Interior Heat Heat Summer Winter Low emissivity glass. Mirrorpane A one way vision reflective glass if there are correct lighting levels. This gives visual security to the viewer. Mismatch Misalignment of the edges of two panes of glass in laminated glass or in insulating glass units. Mitre bevel The bevelling of the cut edge of the glass to an angle of approximately 45° (unless otherwise specified); the extreme point is slightly arrised. Similar to bevel to butt. Modesty panels Panels of toughened glass with bands of ceramic inks across to give privacy. 0-45 mitre angle Modulus The ratio between stress and strain; a low-modulus material stretches easily. 238 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glossary Of Terms / M-O Moisture cure A material that cures or sets by using moisture present in the air. Moisture vapour transfer rate Rate at which moisture passes from atmosphere into the sealed space between the sealed unit lights. Monolithic glass A single piece of glass as opposed to laminated glass or an insulated glass unit. Mullion A vertical framing member between sheets of glass. When used in curtain walls it represents all vertical members. Multi laminates Laminated glass comprising three or more lights of glass. Neoprene A synthetic rubber material with similar properties to natural rubber, but manufactured without sulphur. An elastomer commonly used as a glazing or setting material. Nickel sulphide inclusions This happens very rarely in normal annealed glass. When it does occur in annealed glass it does not give a problem. When the glass is toughened the crystal on nickel sulphide undergoes a change of form. However, this is not stable and because of heat this the crystal will change back to its original form. This increases the crystal size and the change of size is enough to make the glass break. When this problem was understood glass making raw materials were screened for nickel sulphide which has almost removed this problem. Nominal thickness The thickness of glass, usually within a range. eg. 4 mm glass is between 3.8 and 4 mm. Obscure glass See Patterned Glass. Also known as Figured Glass. Obsolete Out of date. Often used to describe glass types that are not made anymore. Off-line coatings Coatings applied to individual panes of glass once the glass has been manufactured. These coatings are soft coatings that need special handling and processing methods. One way vision The term for a reflective glass, which if glazed with appropriate lighting ratios, allows visual security to be maintained from the viewing side. Email: | Web: 239