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Glass Processing

Glass Processing Machinery / Edging Machines GMS Horizontal Seamer The GMS Horizontal Seamer is a horizontal seaming machine that automatically detects glass dimensions and thickness and is capable of processing various glass sizes with ease and efficiency. The machine can be used independently or easily integrated with a glass cutting line, tempering furnace or automatic insulating glass line. Features • PLC control system with 11 axis servo control for processing precision • Easy operation and setting of parameters via user friendly touch screen interface • All parts of main structure are constructed of waterproof materials • Roller conveyor system ensures stable glass movement and processing accuracy - suitable for Low E glass treatment • Two sets of wheels grind different glass edges to ensure outstanding finishing speed • Water filter equipped to remove powder and prevent scratching Specifications Dimensions Min. glass dimensions Max. glass dimensions Workable thickness Roller height Linear speed Power Air Unit water pump capacity 5800mm x 3860mm x 2000mm 300mm x 600mm 2500mm x 4000mm 4-19mm 850mm ± 10mm 0-30m/min 3P 380V/1P+N 220V 50Hz 8.5 kW Capacity 0.8m3/min pressure 1 MPa 15 ton/hour 038 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Processing Machinery / Bevelling Machines GMS Bevel 400 The GMS Bevel 400 is a reliable, easy-to-use automatic bevelling machine which offers consistent edge quality at a competitive price. It is suitable for 5° fixed angle chamfer up to a width of 40mm and performs simultaneous edging and bevelling with liquid cerium oxide. The machine is ideal for glass processing factories with limited space and designed for low to medium production volumes. Features • Parts in contact with water, including water and cerium tanks, of stainless steel • Cast iron components and bearings ensure durability and reduce mechanical wear • High-resistance, manually lubricated conveyor ensures sturdiness and precision • Motorised belt conveyor of wear-resistant, low friction material for glass transport • High precision of processing, tolerance on linearity of less than 0.1mm every 2m • Each spindle has own ammeter to monitor working load of wheel during operation • Glass thickness and chamfer dimensions set via hand-wheel and visualised on PLC Specifications Dimensions 5229mm x 811mm x 2087mm Wheels 5 Weight 1600kg Power 10kW Min. glass dimensions 80mm x 80mm Workable thickness 3-15mm (20 optional) Processing speed 0-3m/min Carrying capacity 100kg Chamfer width 40mm Email: | Web: 039