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Glass Processing

Glass Processing Machinery / Bevelling Machines GMS YX1321 The GMS YX1321 is a shape edging machine suitable for edging and polishing the peripheral edge of circular, ellipse and irregular shaped flat glass. The machine can also be operated in a semi-automatic mode for grinding circular and elliptical glass. Using different shaped grinding wheels various types of edging can be achieved, such as half-round, flat edge and arris or pencil edge. Usage The main frame of the machine is manufactured from heavy duty cast iron coated with a durable paint finish providing a stable and robust base from which to process glass. The machine is supplied with a separate electrical cabinet and built-in vacumn pump. Specifications Dimensions 1100mm x 1100mm x 1800mm Table height 1100mm Min. glass diameter 100mm Max. glass diameter 2200mm Workable thickness 3-25mm Angle range 0° - 45° Max. bevel 35mm Weight 900kg Power 3.5kW 040 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Processing Machinery / Milling & Drilling Machines GMS HDM01 The GMS HDM01 is a robust, twin-head horizontal glass drilling machine. The machine is designed to operate in a medium-sized production facility and due to its simplicity in operation will ensure consistent, quality drilling. It features and automatically controlled lower drill head whilst the upper drill head is controlled manually or automatically depending on the model selected. Features • The glass is gripped by a pneumatically controlled circular plate. • Automatically controlled lower drill head • Automatic or manual upper drill head Specifications Workable thickness Drilling diameter range Throat distance Power Weight 3-19mm 4-220mm 1200mm 3.85kW 800kg Email: | Web: 041