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Glass Processing

Glass Processing Machinery / Working Centres Neptun Quickline T8 DM/DML The Quick series is an innovative range of machines for drilling and milling of glass, characterised by its ease of use, quick programming as well as high processing speed and precision. The Quickline T8 DM comprises two numerical control machines, namely Quickdrill T8 for high-performance drilling and Quickmill for milling and grinding. The Quickline T8 DML combines the two numerical control machines with the LV Top washing machine to offer a fully integrated process. Features • Simple and robust components require little maintenance and allow easy access • Flexible, high-quality machines ensure productivity and a fast return on investment • Powerful numeric control with touch screen for complete and easy programming • Drilling and milling operations executed simultaneously for enhanced productivity • Both modules can operate over the entire working area with no restricted zones Specifications Model mm mm (*) (**) Quickline T8 DM 160-24 13010 x 2992 x 2200 1600 x 2400 2 Quickline T8 DM 160-30 14810 x 2992 x 2200 1600 x 3000 2 Quickline T8 DM 280-45 18147 x 4050 x 2500 2800 x 4500 2 Quickline T8 DM 160-24 Compact 10510 x 2992 x 2200 1600 x 2400 2 Quickline T8 DM 160-30 Compact 11710 x 2992 x 2200 1600 x 3000 2 Quickline T8 DML 160-24 18460 x 2992 x 2200 1600 x 2400 3 Quickline T8 DML 160-30 21460 x 2992 x 2200 1600 x 3000 3 (*) Maximum workable dimensions. The size of the transported glass may be larger than this. (**) Number of glass sheets processed simultaneously. 046 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Processing Machinery / Working Centres Neptun Drillmax 26 The cutting-edge PDS (Promax-Drillmax-Superinox) line provides a flexible, completely automatic solution for integrating the processes of grinding, drilling, milling and washing. The Drillmax 26 module is an innovative 9-axis, vertical working centre with numerical control for drilling and countersinking of holes and milling and grinding of notches. Features • Powerful numerical control with a simple, user-friendly interface • Potential for programming shapes directly on board or import from .dxf formats • Allows processing of both rectangular and shaped glass, as well as large glass • Glass is suctioned during processing, ensuring higher finishing quality and precision • Conveyor system suctions back of the glass only, ideal for Low-E processing • Equipped with three heads, two for drilling and one dedicated head for milling • Spindles with quick tool exchange and three magazines for a total of 13 positions Specifications Dimensions Installed Power Min. glass dimensions Max. glass dimensions Workable thickness (*) Processing Speed 9200mm x 4750mm x 2700mm 25kW 700mm x 300mm 2600mm x 3200mm 3-20mm 0-14m/min (*) Depends on the type of processing. Email: | Web: 047