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Glass Processing

Glass Processing Machinery / Working Centres Denver Digit Glass 3350 The Digit Glass is a multifunctional 5-axis horizontal working centre with numerical control which can perform routing, drilling, countersinking, polishing, grinding, flat or convex saw blade cutting, grooving, bevelling, lettering and 3D processing. The innovative working centre, developed as a technologically advanced glass processing solution has 8 patents pending on its various features, including its hi-tech “X-Drive” electrospindle. Features • Patented axis technology reduces noise and vibrations and improves precision • C-axis rotation with exclusive cable system which reduces all maintenance costs • Automatic tool change magazine with 20 positions with stainless steel ISO 40 cones • Automatic lubrication of guides and sliding components managed by CN control • Latest generation CAD CAM software with new functions and easier to use interface • Liquid cooled heavy-duty electrospindle with high efficency and durability • Photoelectronic sensor for the 2D scanning of templates of any material Specifications Dimensions Worktable dimensions Spindle motor power Adjustable spindle speed Internal water consumption External water consumption Air pressure required Weight 5175mm x 3200mm x 2940mm 3200mm x 1500mm 12.8kW 0÷12000 rpm 6l/min 80l/min 6 bar 4500kg 052 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Processing Machinery / Working Centres Denver Vertigo The Vertigo is a vertical working centre with numerical control which can perform routing, drilling, edging, shaping, squaring, arrissing and polishing. It combines the versatility of a CNC machining centre with the squaring accuracy of a double edger, finishing quality of a straight line edger and flawless drilling, in a single machine. The revolutionary machine offers greater control over processing time and costs, drastically reducing downtime and saving material. Features • Zinc-coated frame for lasting sturdiness and reliability in heavy-duty conditions • Powerful electrospindle for straight or shaped processing on glass surface and edge • Double drilling unit with twin counter-heads and single boring-tapering unit • Operating heads equipped with automatic tool magazines allowing quick change • Automatic glass positioning system with intelligent suction cups - Low-E friendly • Automatic glass size and thickness detection system prevents human error • Advanced software offers simple and comprehensive control by single operator Specifications Dimensions 16680mm x 5000mm x 4840mm Min. glass dimensions 500mm x 290mm Max. glass dimensions 2600mm x 5000mm Workable thickness 3-40mm Main electrospindle magazine 12 positions ISO 40 cones Main electrospindle power 10.2kW Drilling electrospindle magazine 8 positions ISO 30 cones Drilling electrospindle power 2.2kW Weight 10.5t Email: | Web: 053