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Glass Processing

Glass Processing Machinery / Tempering Furnaces Cooltemper PowerJet The PowerJet is a compressor convection tempering furnace designed to offer superior glass quality, fast cycle times and low running and maintenance costs. It is capable of tempering clear float glass, as well as soft and hard-coated glass. The system utilizes top and bottom, block zonal, pre-heated, pressure adjustable, 5-step, aspirated convection system. Features • Zonal top and bottom X profiled pre-heated compressor convection • Power efficient fuzzy logic, multi-directional zonal heating system • Block matrix open type heating elements for improved energy efficiency • Heater power pulse relay system with percentage power input • Continuous fault detection and monitoring system with eConnect technology • 15” furnace mounted touch screen control system with HMI technology • Energy efficient, inverter-driven quench and cooling fan systems • Top and bottom independent quench nozzle micro adjustment control Specifications Glass thickness 4mm~19mm 058 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Processing Machinery / Tempering Furnaces Cooltemper Jetstream RT The ​Jetstream RT is a compressor convection tempering furnace designed to offer superior glass quality, fast cycle times, extremely low running costs and virtually no maintenance. It is the perfect all-rounder for both large and small glass production facilities. Technically advanced in design but simple to use and operate. Features • Top and bottom, aspirated block zonal convection system with program specific pressure profiling enabling convection area profiling across and down the length of the oven area • Energy efficient insulation, heaters, quenching systems, drives and controls • Block matrix heaters using energy saving, pulse power input modules • Space saving single quench/cooling fan design • Automatic quench air balance adjustment system • Independent top and bottom quench area nozzle adjustment • Automatic, multi position, self-tracking glass load system • Windows based inter phase controls and internet modem connection • Heat strength program 3-12mm thick glass Specifications Glass width Glass length Glass thickness 1.2M~3.2M (Standard and Customized Sizes Available) Maximum 8M 2.8mm~19mm (with 25mm option) Email: | Web: 059