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Glass Processing

Glass Processing Machinery / Decorative Processing Machines GMS SB Series The GMS SB series glass sandblasting machines allow for both manual and automatic sandblasting. The machines have three automatic spray guns and one manual spray gun, all of which are easy to operate. The automatic operation system comprises a PLC and touch screen display. Specifications Occupied floor space 4800mm x 2000mm x 2500mm Min. glass dimensions 200mm x 500mm Max. glass dimensions Dependent on model Nozzle working speed 8m/min Glass transfer speed 3.6m/min Max. glass working speed 20-25m 2 /h Total power 3.5kW Pressure 0.6MPa ~ 0.8MPa continuous Air compressor 3m 3 /min, 22kW (Provided by user) Air tank 1m 3 (Provided by user) Available versions: SB16LA, SB20LA, SB25LA 070 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Processing Machinery / Marking Machines GMS Laser Marking System The laser marking system is an innovative range of three Class 1 laser units, one mobile and two fixed, which has been developed to provide the glass industry with a quick and simple method of marking glass to meet the various standards to which companies must comply. The system is equipped to mark even solar glass and is also well suited to marking many other substrates, in addition to glass. Usage The laser marking units are capable of marking glass at any stage of production - i.e. before or after toughening, or at the despatch stage. The units are as follows: • FU020 - a mains powered floor-mounted laser control cabinet with a handheld laser head with a 4 metre umbilical cord. • MU020 - a dual-powered mobile laser control cabinet on wheels, operated either from the mains supply or from integral 12V batteries. • FU020R - a laser control cabinet with the laser head mounted on a self-guided rail system, built to a customer’s height and width specifications, normally to suit the dimensions and position of a tempering oven. Features • The patented lasers are 10 times smaller and lighter than other systems • Extraordinary beam parameter and short pulse rising times make technology unique • System conforms to health and safety requirements for laser based equipment • All three units are equipped with an easy to use touch screen embedded PC unit • Template files can be designed, imported or preloaded on dedicated CAD machine • Size and depth of etch can be varied to meet specific requirements Email: | Web: 071