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Glass Processing

Glass Processing Machinery / Spares & Accessories Felt For Cutting Tables Black professional-quality felt cloth designed specifically for the glass industry for covering air flotation tables or glass cutting tables. The felt allows glass sheets to be manoeuvred freely without damaging or scratching them. Available in thicknesses of 4mm and supplied in rolls of 2500mm x 7500mm. Ball-Castor For Support Table Swivelling rubber ball-castors equipped with two adjustable nuts for use in glass support roller tables. The ball-castors assist in supporting, moving and rotating glass sheets during manual arrissing, grinding, seaming or other handling applications, offering effortless manoeuvrability. Available in diameters of 35mm or 50mm. Bavelloni Spare Parts If you require spare parts for Bavelloni machines manufactured in the last twenty five years,we are able to supply most parts for the following: PR88, PR54, B52, B73, MAX 50, SB10, CR1111, MB4, MB10, VR1112, VR1114, GEMY 9C, ALPA, Colibri, etc. All spare parts sold are generally of European origin, the same or better quality than the original. FG Trading provides fast service as well as competitive pricing for spares orders. 074 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Grinding Tools Glass Grinding Tools We have partnered with one of the leading manufacturing companies who specialise in flat glass grinding applications to bring our customers a wide array of abrasive products. Our glass grinding range comprises various tools for grinding, polishing, milling, drilling and countersinking of glass from a supplier at the forefront of innovation. Email: | Web: 075