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Glass Grinding Tools / Grinding & Polishing Wheels GTS Polishing Wheels Polishing wheels are rubber bonded wheels composed of aluminium (III) oxide, Sic and cerium oxide which are used after fine grinding for extra clarity and a better finish on the edge and arris of the glass. Polishing is performed in different stages. Primary polishing is done with S40, S60, R40, R60, R60 or SNBD wheels followed by X3K or X5K wheels. In some applications the felt wheel with cerium oxide is used in the final stage for extra polishing on the glass. Code Description Diameter Width Height PW/449819 Spiral Felt Polishing Wheel 150mm 40mm 70mm PW/449822 10S40 Polishing Wheel 150mm 40mm 70mm PW/449826 BD Polishing Wheel 100mm 22mm 30mm PW/449830 Cerium Oxide Polishing Wheel 150mm 40mm 70mm PW/453974 10S40 Polishing Wheel 150mm 30mm 70mm PW/460475 10S60 Polishing Wheel 150mm 30mm 70mm PW/460526 Cerium Oxide Polishing Wheel 150mm 40mm 70mm PW/467672 BD Polishing Wheel Cup Shape 100mm 30mm 12mm PW/NEP/45010503 BD Polishing Wheel 100mm 18mm 40mm 078 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Grinding Tools / Milling & Drilling Tools GTS Diamond Core Drills Diamond core drills are used to generate mounting holes for glass fitment. Seamers generate chamfered edges which provide aesthetically pleasing holes and will usually give higher furnace yields on tempered glass. Drills and seamers are available in different sizes suited to glass thickness and hole being drilled. The holding system of drill varies as per specific machines. Code Description Diameter Length BTS/GD/75x12 75mm Core Drill 12mm dia 12mm 75mm BTS/GD/75x15 75mm Core Drill 15mm dia 15mm 75mm BTS/GD/75x20 75mm Core Drill 20mm dia 20mm 75mm BTS/GD/75x30 75mm Core Drill 30mm dia 30mm 75mm BTS/GD/75x38 75mm Core Drill 38mm dia 38mm 75mm GD/EX1261/6mm 6mm Core Drills 6mm - GD/EX1262/8mm 8mm Core Drills 8mm - GD/EX1263/10mm 10mm Core Drills 10mm - GD/EX1264/12mm 12mm Core Drills 12mm - GD/EX1265/14mm 14mm Core Drills 14mm - GD/EX1266/15mm 15mm Core Drills 15mm - GD/EX1268/22mm 22mm Core Drills 22mm - GD/EX1270/26mm 26mm Core Drills 26mm - GD/EX1866/16mm 16mm Core Drills 16mm - GD/EX1867/18mm 18mm Core Drills 18mm - GD/EX1868/20mm 20mm Core Drills 20mm - GD/EX1873/36mm 36mm Core Drills 36mm - GD/EX1874/24mm 24mm Core Drills 24mm - GD/EX2087/7mm 7mm Core Drills 7mm - GD/EX2088/28mm 28mm Core Drills 28mm - GD/EX2089/41mm 41mm Core Drills 41mm - Email: | Web: 079