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THE MOMENTUM | E-ZINE, APRIL 2018 regulating momentum your o matter how old you are, where N you're from or what you do for a living, we all share something in common—a desire to be successful. Each person's de nition of success is different, however, as some may de ne success as being a loving and faithful spouse or a caring and responsible parent, while most people would equate success with wealth, fame, and power. We all want to achieve success so we could live a comfortable life—have nancial freedom, drive a nice car, and live in a beautiful house. However, although success can be achieved, it does not come easy. e road to success requires skill while driving through that road and it is only those that are ready and equipped that will pass safely. e success we desire so badly would not just come overnight. What we do hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly is what determines how far we would go in our quest to achieving our highly desired goals, dreams and aspirations. It is our dealings and achievements yearly which is gotten by what we do hourly, daily and monthly that accumulate and determine how magni cent or terrible the year would be which in turn lays down the foundation for how our life will be; either successful or a total disaster. Year in and year out, we write down goals and plans we want to achieve and at the end of the year and we discover that we are able to achieve less than ten percent of our entire plans for the year. For many people, they lose the drive, re, motivation and momentum that were there at the beginning of the year and by March, they are living a new year like the previous year. e reason for this is simple. ey could not keep the momentum that was once there. S o how do you keep your momentum that will propel you to greatness for the remaining part of the year? Follow me. I don't know what it is that you want to achieve. It might be that you want to lose some weight this year, or you want to write a book this year or probably you want to graduate as the best this year or maybe you want to be a millionaire this year. Whatever it is you want to achieve, you know best and I've come to tell you plainly that if you put in the required and necessary ingredients in a pot, you will get the necessary soup. If you put in the right and required recipe, you will get the necessary meal. Your year will be fabulous if you can keep the required momentum. Now you must have these at the back of your mind; 1. COMMITMENT TO THE JOURNEY How committed are you or are you willing to be? Here is what I believe is the number one key to success for you this year. Are you committed? What I am trying to say is that in all of my observations, and from my own experience, I nd that the journey is always the same. It's a long road of self examination and improvement, skill examination and education. It's making judgment calls about people, things and situations. You continually correct the "course" until you are headed in the right direction. To trust your gut, to keep the faith, to make it through tough times, takes commitment. e question is can you stick it out? Do you quit because the results are low? Do you quit because you can't nd the right people? When do you say it's over? Commitment to the journey is the key to success. Because you will always see things that make you want to run. But you have to put your faith on the table. You really have to stand against all odds. It takes courage. And when you do this, you will succeed. Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness concerning all acts of initiative (and creation). ere is one elemental truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans--- that the moment one de nitely commits oneself, then Providence moves all. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issue from the decision, Raising in one's favor all manner of incidents and meetings and material assistance which no one could have dreamed would come his or her way. Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now and stay true to it. 05

THE MOMENTUM | E-ZINE, APRIL 2018 2. LOVE AND CARE FOR YOURSELF Here is a simple analogy. When you board a plane, you are treated to a demonstration of what to do in case the oxygen masks drop from above. e rst instruction is to put your mask on rst. is is especially important because if you don't take care of your need rst, you will not be able to help others and that includes your children, your spouse or anyone else. How does this relate to your year? Create the situation that best helps you rst. Put yourself in a position of power or at least close to the ear of power. Do a great job, rst for you. Excel for you. en assist others, speak up for others, do for others. 3. EDUCATION AND CONSTANT RE-EDUCATION I am not talking about college degrees here. ough they are a great start, you must continue to educate yourself. Take part in seminars, read everything, surf the net. Even when you think you've got it, press on. Education is inspiring the mind to reach the limits of excellence. Learn things in and out of your eld, read books, magazines and watch inspirational clips. Remember that the principal womb of a man is the mind!! It can give birth to anything depending on what is stored. 4. OPEN MINDEDNESS TO NEW WAYS OF THINKING. How many times have we seen people, throughout history, hold on to what they believe is the ONLY way to think, to nd the world moving on without them? It was generally thought the automobile would never catch on; aer all, weren't bicycles and trains more than enough? It doesn't mean you have to change your way of thinking or embrace it, just examine it, educate yourself about it and recognize that it may be here to stay. 5. A LIFETIME OF SELF EXAMINA- TION I cannot stress this enough. We are a work in progress. You will make mistakes, your attitude will change and you will grow. But if you don't take the time to examine yourself and your attitudes along the way, you run the risk of becoming stagnant and brittle. And brittle is a good candidate for crumbling dust. Examine your relationships with people, your business practices, not just your nances. In the end, it is your relationship with people that makes you successful in both life and business. If you nd yourself having the same issues arise, it's time for some self-examination. What are you doing to contribute to this issue? What can you do to create a change? 6. WORK TOWARDS YOUR GOALS LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT Don't give up. Let me not lie to you, times will come when you will begin to consider adjusting your dreams and goals to suit your present challenges. When that time comes, know that you are on track. Don't settle for less, keep pushing, and keep grinding. It is either an 'A' or an 'A'. Be tough on the inside, and work towards your goal like your life is on the line. Be wise. You are not getting any younger. All you need is a decision to make every goal come to pass. Stay committed to it, love yourself, educate yourself, examine yourself and maintain the energy that will propel you to the top. My name is Samuel Okeh and I approve this message. 06

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