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Shining Examples of Successful CRM Software Use in the Energy Sector

In the 'Shining Examples' brochure, you will get to know managers and other employees who use EVI/TINA as a tool for strategic customer orientation and process optimization.


KAISERBURG, NUREMBERG The landmark of Nuremberg is one of the most significant medieval palaces in Europe. From 1050 until 1571, all Roman-German emperors temporarily resided at the Kaiserburg. © Uwe Niklas 10

EVI supports the interaction with our customers APPLICATION FIELDS AND BENEFITS N-ERGIE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Focusing on customers The modern user interface makes qualified customer information possible beyond organization borders. Thanks to the telephone integration (CTI), we can reach our customers directly in no time. Optimized customer processes We fulfill market demands more efficiently and create offers faster thanks to integrated offer processes, automated credit assessment and the inclusion of calculation tools. The online data exchange with the accounting system SAP IS-U streamlines our order management. Transparency The document management to the electronic archive allows direct and tamper-proof storage. The data processing facilitates the process for reporting obligations for legal requirements (e.g. the financial market regulation REMIT). FACTS (2016) • nLocated in: Nuremberg • nRevenue: 2.8 billion € • nStaff: 2,604 • nEVI in use since: 1998 • nWebsite: »EVI is a modern, user-friendly and flexible tool. The system helps us to work more efficiently and effectively.« Bernd Kallies Sales Director N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft 11 11