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Shining Examples of Successful CRM Software Use in the Energy Sector

In the 'Shining Examples' brochure, you will get to know managers and other employees who use EVI/TINA as a tool for strategic customer orientation and process optimization.


PARCO CIANI, LUGANO Located next to the lakefront and only a few steps away from the bustling city centre of Lugano, the Parco Ciani is one of the nicest parks in Switzerland and attracts thousands of tourists. © luganoturismo 16

Customer-orientation thanks to structured business processes APPLICATION FIELDS AND BENEFITS AZIENDE INDUSTRIALI DI LUGANO (AIL) SA Marketing campaigns EVI helps us to control our marketing campaigns. All involved employees complete their tasks, everyone has immediate access to relevant information and is able to track results in order to reach campaign goals. End-to-end sales process EVI supports the sales staff with an end-to-end offer process. With BPM, offers are created quickly and professionally. An overview as well as details of specific sales processes are available at any time. Thus, sales goals can be reached efficiently. Satisfied customers Structured processes and transparent information lead to a high-quality customer service. AIL is a customer of our VIP-partner FACTS (2016) • nLocated in: Muzzano (Lugano), Ticino, Switzerland • nCustomers: 112,000 • nRevenue: 299 million CHF • nStaff: 360 • nEVI in use since: 2015 • nWebsite: »EVI is sector-specific, very flexible and facilitates the creation of processes for a 360 degree customer-orientation.« The EVI-project-team: Maurizio Togni (TM.RESULTS), Frank Peper (IFS Italia), Marco Bigatto (AIL), Thomas Rühl (CURSOR), Franco Voci (AIL), Marc Aretz (IFS Italia). Missing: Stefano Falconi (AIL). 17 17