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Shining Examples of Successful CRM Software Use in the Energy Sector

In the 'Shining Examples' brochure, you will get to know managers and other employees who use EVI/TINA as a tool for strategic customer orientation and process optimization.


STADTTOR, DÜSSELDORF The unique building houses the minister president of North Rhine-Westphalia. The award-winning and climate-protecting construction attracts many tourists. © - ted007 24

Effective offer management and quick contract processes with EVI APPLICATION FIELDS AND BENEFITS STADTWERKE DÜSSELDORF AG The sectors business customer sales, aftersales and price calculation work closely together at Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG. Information about rules and activities is exchanged via EVI. The consistency ensures clarity and speed and also provides a high quality of data. Transparently and quickly from offer to contract Offers are created automatically, including the data from integrated calculation tools. By means of a partial automation, employees are guided directly through all important steps of the acquisition. Customers and leads quickly receive the right offer for their current situation, which already impresses them. If the offer is accepted, automated processes handle all further steps up until a contract is finalized. Automated contract management When it comes to existing and sometimes very complex contracts, EVI guides through processes such as the legal succession step by step. The automation ensures security and quality for this success-critical business unit. FACTS (2016) • nLocated in: Düsseldorf • nCustomers: 600,000 • nRevenue: 2.042 million € • nStaff: 1.634 • nEVI in use since: 2002 • nWebsite: »Our offers and contracts are complex and individual. We automate specific workflows and complete processes effectively with EVI.« Dr. Roland Blaschek Energy Price and Process Management Director Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG 25 25