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Shining Examples of Successful CRM Software Use in the Energy Sector

In the 'Shining Examples' brochure, you will get to know managers and other employees who use EVI/TINA as a tool for strategic customer orientation and process optimization.


ESSEN 2017: GREEN CAPITAL OF EUROPE Essen has an inspiring history of transformation, from a coal and steel town to the greenest city in North Rhine-Westphalia. This was honored by the European Commission with the 'European Green Capital Award'. Photo: Baldeneysee © - dietwalther 30

Open Grid designs its processes EVI-ciently APPLICATION FIELDS AND BENEFITS OPEN GRID EUROPE GMBH EVI – not only for classic sales activities EVI is our tool to support the various customer relationships that we have as a transmission system operator. All customer data and infomation in one system Thanks to data interfaces from our OGE contract management system and SAP to EVI, all customer information is available in one system. The result is a clear depiction of our customer structure, the customer demands and contacts. Automated communication processes thanks to CURSOR-BPM As a regulated transmission system operator, transparent and non-discriminatory workflows are of great importance. EVI supports us with automated processes for customer enquiries and for our e-mails. Thus, not only did we increase the efficiency, but we also facilitated the workflows for our staff. FACTS (2016) • nHeadquarters in: Essen • nCustomers: 450 • nRevenue: 800 million € • nStaff: 1,450 • nEVI in use since: 2015 • nWebsite: »Customer proximity and transparency lead to success. EVI – the CRM for Open Grid Europe.« The EVI team: Phillip Taylor, Susanne Schütter, Martin Hoffmann Open Grid Europe GmbH 31 31