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Shining Examples of Successful CRM Software Use in the Energy Sector

In the 'Shining Examples' brochure, you will get to know managers and other employees who use EVI/TINA as a tool for strategic customer orientation and process optimization.


JUSUS-LIEBIG-UNIVERSITY GIESSEN Giessen, with around 87,000 inhabitants, is famous for its high density of students; 37,000 are enrolled. The new chemistry building in the campus area Seltersberg provides excellent research and study conditions. © JLU-Pressestelle / Michael Schepp 4

Flexibility and efficiency in business customer sales APPLICATION FIELDS AND BENEFITS STADTWERKE GIESSEN AG Transparency in the visualized offer process Our sales staff is guided through the offer process step by step. As soon as an input mask is filled with all required data, the employee is forwarded to the next work step. Thus, incorrect entries are prevented and processing times reduced. Evaluations are possible at any time. Seamless integration of SAP EVI is seamlessly conntected to SAP so that data can be exchanged on different levels and without any restrictions. Risk management and customer evaluation Creditworthiness checks by Bürgel are integrated in EVI via web service. Modifications are followed-up and automatically transferred. Flexible solution Reaction times to market developments are shortened significantly thanks to a regional software partner whose solutions can be adjusted by ourselves. FACTS (2016) • nLocated in: Giessen • nCustomers: > 190,000 • nRevenue: 448 million € • nStaff: 818 • nEVI in use since: 2014 • nWebsite: »EVI enables us to act even faster and more flexible regarding system customization as well as operative offer processes.« Thomas Wagner Director of Sales Industry and Business Customers Stadtwerke Giessen AG 5 5