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CHAPTER 36 It was a gala wedding but simple in America’s civil marriage procedure. All that is required is to sign as husband and wife. No religious credentials sought; no frivolous questions raised. Zaheer’s family had a limited presence of very close relations. His American and Indian friends made their presence felt in big numbers. We too had quite a large number of relations and friends of all nationalities. My Dadaji had developed quite a big network of friends and well-wishers. I too had a large number of friends from the University and some close personal friends like Suzie, Marie, Lolita. Of course, everything was different from childhood fantasies of doll brides and doll grooms attired in traditional Hindu style! Childhood dreams vanish as we grow up and come face to face with realities. Perhaps, every girl has her own dreams which evolve around her childhood friends. But then, life is not child’s play. Childhood is cute, innocent and simple. Nothing remains simple as we grow up. All that we carry at the back of our mind is our dreams. Those dreams are our sole personal property. No one can snatch them away. No one can crush them, whatever be the circumstances. As a young girl, I had a different set of fantasies, woven around my nomadic life, from Karachi to Mumbai to Deolali refugee camp to Logos and then amidst the glittering city of New York. 128

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