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I was just curious about

I was just curious about it, just to understand how human attitudes and relations undergo any perspective change with a change of religious labels. I was not sure. All the same, it did strike me, why not? Perhaps, this change over might help me in my research work-to-see intercommunity relations through personal experience. This might add value to my doctorate thesis. I was not sure. But then, life is a gamble. And we all are, some time or the other, get caught in the gamble of life. You might call it Destiny. What is destined, happens, whether we like it or not. I was jolted out of my wandering thoughts by the musical sound of my mobile. It was Zaheer calling. 137

CHAPTER 39 At the earliest, I went to my parents’ house to share my inner thoughts. “Amma, I am toying with the idea of embracing Islam”. “What?” Amma’s scream was near hysterical. She must be wondering whether I was the same Priya! “How could you think on these lines? You have grounded all our emotions and passionate commitments to our own religion. How could you do it?” I could see my mother to be terribly disturbed by my intent. “Amma. Please calm down. Just listen to me. Nothing has and nothing will change within my inner self. I am the same Priya – physically, mentally, emotionally with as spiritually lore. Only my outer will undergo a change and that too for a great cause. “I want to see closely what divides humanity. Our Gods don’t divide us. Still, there is so much of turmoil, conflicts and violence around us in the name of Allah?” “Why should you waste your time and energy in these silly questions?” Amma continued to be agitated by my declaration of intent. “Amma, please try to understand. You know it well that mine it was not “love at first sight” that attracted me towards Zaheer. It was his overall outlook, disposition, attitude and human qualities which drew me towards him. I wish to understand why 138

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