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I wish to be different.

I wish to be different. I wish to do my doctoral work as a live exercise, tested on the ground. Not a goody-goody affair in the also-ran category. Life has to be lived and experienced and built on new norms and thinking. Hackneyed ideas and established academic theories and counter- theories take you nowhere in today’s changing world of more turmoil, more unrest, more conflicts and more turbulence. This is not what the Almighty had visualized. We must mend our ways and think of life and society. And here I am, taking a plunge into the unknown with total clarity, and yet with an open mind. An open mind holds the key to better understanding of complexities around us. I derive my strength from the Vedas and Puranas, from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and Lord Krishna’s Gita. These are not mere Hindu books and scriptures. They are the treasures of humanity which accept different roads to finding Truth and civilizational values. The problem arises when vested interests and middlemen butt in between God and Man. Think with an open mind as I proceed to Saharanpur to take a plunge into the unknown world of Islam—with no prompting or and not under any duress! Well, life is an experiment. Unknown factors make life interesting and challenging. 145

What is, after all, life without challenges? 146

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