8 months ago


I have moved with time.

I have moved with time. My life’s secret mantra has been: Don’t live with regrets. Look back for life’s lesson or two. Look ahead with hope. Rays of hope give my life the sunshine to move on with courage and confidence. Sorry. I sound somewhat philosophical on my great wedding day. I know I have to face new realities, new faces some friendly and some not-so-friendly, if not hostile. I had decided to adopt a business-like attitude towards Zaheer’s family friends. First, assess them and then open a bit of your heart. This was a different world I had not bargained for. But then I have to face it with a sense of adventure, keeping my spirit high. I had decided not to be goody goody or docile. So, I kept my chin high, unlike a typical middle class Hindu bride. That evening of the wedding reception was quite an event for whispers and gossips. “Do you think this marriage will click, with boy and girl coming from different religious backgrounds?” “Forget about your world. We are today in a different world where money, understanding, your class matter, not religion, 129

especially when you work and live in a foreign country”. That was the response I overheard behind me. I dared not look behind. Our life is not to be decided by whispers and gossips one hears on such occasions. Life is more sublime than one can ever imagine! 130

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