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LookBook Averse fw18-19 v5

Fall Winter

Fall Winter 18-19 THE SCHOOL YEAR! Who doesn’t have good memories from school? Where everything starts! From fresh yellow lemon to warm reddish tones, combined with the most traditional ones as green, grey and navy, AVERSE offers a large palette of colours. Prints and patterns bring the authenticity to each model, making each one so unique. All details are important, in each model you can find a peculiarity, enhancing a different perspective about the meaning of style. Theme 1 - STUDIES Gothic theme, with strong colours and prints. Illuminati style, inspired on those dedicated to studies that marked our society with their discoveries. People that used to live at night, when the darkness and the stars helped them to think clearer. Theme 2 - MEMORIES Memories… everybody keeps good memories and unforgettable pictures from school years. It’s a photographic album that everybody would like to keep forever. An unisex line that will be very appreciated by both genders, men and women. Theme 3 - DREAMING Who doesn’t want to save the world? A lighter line, with colourful garments, ecological messages aiming to save the world and models produced in organic cotton fabrics. BRANDING and MIX & MATCH To complete our FW18-19 collection, averse has a complementary line with branding and all-over printed items, allowing total-look outfits and complete the averse own style.