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Does Synephrine powder help for lose weight? - Synephrine, or as it is more commonly know, Bitter Orange, is a plant in which the leaf, fruit and fruit juice are harvested and used to make medicine and the peel itself is used to make oil. The oil of bitter orange can be applied to the skin to help treat infections, such as ringworm and athletes foot.


Email: WhatsApp: +86 18928411063 A recent study, published in the International Journal for Medical Sciences, focused on the metabolic effects, both alone and in combination with other flavonoids. Researchers suggested that the mean resting metabolic rate was increased by an average value of 65 Kcal for subjects taking a baseline serving size of 65 mg. Importantly, the researchers found that, even when taken in combination with the flavonoids Naringin and Hesperidin, this supplement did not increase blood pressure or heart rate: “None of the treatment groups exhibited changes in heart rate or blood pressure relative to the control group, nor there were no differences in self-reported ratings of 10 symptoms between the treatment groups and the control group. This unusual finding of a thermogenic combination of ingredients that elevated metabolic rates without corresponding elevations in blood pressure and heart-rates warrants longer-term studies to assess its value as a weight control agent.” (G Kaats et al., 2011) Along with a few more recent studies, these results certainly suggest some interesting benefits relating to increases in metabolism and support for a healthy weight. Unlike most other supplements that increase metabolism rate, this supplement does not appear to have any effects on heart rate or blood pressure. Increases Mental Energy and Focus The benefits for mental focus and alertness are mostly known as a result of reviews, as well as through an examination of effects on receptors in the brain and a synergistic relationship with Caffeine. Furthermore, scientific reviews looking into the safety and effects of this supplement have mentioned its ability to help promote mental focus and alertness. This supplement binds to Monoamine oxidase (MAO) enzymes in the brain – specifically to MAO-A type receptors. Although it does not inhibit the function of MAO enzymes, this supplement acts as a competitive ligand and binds to MAO receptors, preventing them from oxidizing the neurotransmitters that they would normally act on. Compounds that act on monoamine oxidase enzymes are known for their ability to improve mental focus and alertness and are have been in a number of applications – often for the reduction of stress and to promote a healthy mental state. Furthermore, this supplement has been shown to have a synergistic relationship with Caffeine. Studies have shown that the two compounds work well together to boost mental focus and alertness, as well as wakefulness and mental energy. As one study (published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences) found, many Synephrine-containing

Email: WhatsApp: +86 18928411063 supplements and products also contain Caffeine because of their well known synergistic relationship. Using Caffeine may help to enhance the cognitive effects of this supplement. Increases Physical Energy and Performance This supplement also has clear and significant effects on exercise performance, a few of which have been confirmed in recent human studies. It has the potential to increase exercise performance and endurance, as well as to boost physical energy levels and thermogenesis. In one study, researchers focussed on the effects of this supplement on exercise performance, both alone and in combination with Caffeine. Results showed a significant increase in mean power, endurance, and exercise performance for the test groups. Synephrine can be used to increase physical energy and performance either when taken alone or when used in combination with Caffeine. In another study, researchers found that p-Synephrine supplements, when taken at a serving size of around 2-3 mg/kg, significantly improved fat oxidation (fat burning and the subsequent generation of energy, also known as thermogenesis) in people who were performing exercise of increasing intensity. Interestingly, in both the placebo and the test groups, the highest level of fat oxidation with seen to occur at around 38-42% of VO2 max, for each person. Reduce appetite Craving for food at odd hours can have ill effects on your body. Yes, it is enticing to grab a pastry for afternoon snacks, but the amount of calorie that it contains will add on to your present weight. For some people eating is a habit just like sleeping. However they try, they fail to control their desire for food. But a person can attain a perfect figure only when he/she maintains all the guidelines that will aid in losing weight. First and foremost is your habit of conducting regular exercises apart from the workout session. Secondly, comes your maintaining a proper balanced and nutritious diet. This chart is recommended by dieticians to be followed by weight loss. And if amongst all this hard work a person ends up having junk food, then all his struggle goes into vain. So Synephrine supplement is an added benefit for them as this supplement entwines with the brain chemicals and induces metabolism that aids in controlling the appetite, especially for carbohydrates. Aids in weight loss

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