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Paddling ergo resource

Paddling ergo resource pack The complete paddling cycle on the ergo compared with the boat Possible layouts during training sessions Depending on the layout and space available within the training area, then different arrangements of the Ergos can be used to enable the Coach to monitor a number of paddlers with the minimum use of space. Star layout Parallel layout 16

paddling ergo resource pack Ergos in the circuit session Where circuit training sessions are run, the Ergo can fit quite easily into the circuit plan and is sometimes best used here when there are many paddlers and only a couple of Ergos. A circuit such as below would occupy 20 paddlers with 2 ergos and minimal other equipment apart from mats and benches Squat Thrusts Squat Thrusts Press ups Press ups Timing Station Balance Exercise Ergos Balance Exercise Sit ups Sit ups Star Jumps Star Jumps Bench Dips Bench Dips 17

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