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NOT ONLY YELLOW white gold, diamonds, bone skulls, vintage bakelite beads unique piece • handmade in Italy BELLA BY BARLIGHT yellow gold, peridots, citrines, antique Greek coins unique piece • handmade in Italy STELLA STELLINA yellow gold, white and black diamonds, tiger's eye, vintage military stars unique piece • handmade in Italy VIOLA VOLA pink gold, rubies, amethysts, vintage French commercial tag unique piece • handmade in Italy Earrings DI FIORE IN FIORE yellow and white gold, diamonds, antique buttons with inlaid mother of pearl unique piece • handmade in Italy VERDE MILONGA yellow gold, green jades, diamonds, vintage bakelite drops unique piece • handmade in Italy Earrings

Joie de Vivre UNIQUE PIECES - HANDMADE IN ITALY The collection is based on my passion for vintage objects: the little soldiers characterizing the collection have been originally produced in Germany during the first decades of the last century. Initially created for children, they soon became pieces for collectors: people from all over the world still consider them irresistible, and so do I! Every soldier is hand-painted, with an extreme attention for details characterizing the different uniforms of armies from many countries around the world.

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