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GIU’ LE MANI yellow

GIU’ LE MANI yellow gold, citrine, black spinels, antique talisman hand from Mali unique piece • handmade in Italy THE FLOATING CITY BE POWERFUL DIAMOND SHELL white gold, diamonds, green sapphires, prasiolite, vintage naga shell WATERFALL yellow gold, diamonds, vintage bone and horn boule pink gold, mother of pearl, vintage game letters from NYC (Brooklyn), vintage beads from Venice, little red tubes from Africa unique piece • handmade in Italy OUT OF AFRICA pink gold, diamonds, rodocrosite discs, vintage pin, antique miniature eagle from Istanbul unique piece • handmade in Italy unique piece • handmade in Italy unique piece • handmade in Italy pink gold, diamonds, vintage African boule unique piece • handmade in Italy Necklaces Necklaces

MIRROR, MIRROR pink gold, diamonds, mirrors, vintage Italian Madonna unique piece • handmade in Italy SMOKING CIGARETTES yellow gold, rubies, pearls, antique bone beads, antique bone mouthpiece for cigarettes unique piece • handmade in Italy Necklaces

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