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Chicken Tikka-Best Chicken Recipes Of India In World

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Chicken Tikka-Best Chicken Recipes Of India In World Till the time Jhaalfrezi (yet another mouthwatering vegetarian dish) was not tasted across the world by the different chef and food lovers, the Chicken Tikka remains the pride for India dishes. Thus, on vacation to some other land, you can find this recipe from India into menu list of hotels and restaurants of different parts of the world. Chicken Tikka is basically small pieces, chucks often called in India tikka of chicken that is well marinated overnight and is cooked in the clay oven or called Tandoor. You have start reparation a bit early. Today we have tried to cover this recipe for you in just simple few simple step, so without wasting our time lets collect the ingredients: Yogurt (hung curd) Salt Ginger/ garlic paste Red chili powder Fenugreek Leaves Lemon juice Garam masala 500 grams of chicken (with gashes or cuts on the chicken pieces) 1 tablespoon of cream and cashew paste Mint leaves for garnishing

Melted butter Wooden or iron skewer (wooden skewer must soak in water for 10-15 minutes to avoid burning) Preparation of chicken tikka is carried out in two ways: The first step is to marinate the chicken for which we need the mixture of salt, ginger/ garlic paste and chili powder that we apply on the Cuts Of Chicken Pieces and leave the chicken to rest for at least 30-45 minutes. In this add two tablespoons of lemon juice. In meanwhile time we will prepare our second marination for which need a cup of yogurt, salt to taste, little bit of red chili powder, roasted and crushed fenugreek leaves, Garam masala. Now mix these all ingredients in a bowl and after 45 minutes are over its time to coat the chicken pieces with the second mixture and let the chicken pieces to reset again for some time. Now with help of wooden or iron skewer now you have to make the hole right across the chicken pieces so that it rests on them and can go into tandoor for approx. of 10 -12 minutes. By this time these tikkas are half done. And at the end when you wish to eat this tikka you can again put them into an oven for final touch with butter on the pieces and cook them for another 15- 20 mint. Your delicious chicken tikka is ready to eat. Contact Us 8800 Katy Freeway Houston Texas 77024

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