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11042018 - Buhari’s ‘one term’ offer in 2011 no longer applies


16—Vanguard, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 2018 :Vanguard News :@vanguardnews :@vanguardnews NEWS HOTLINES: 08052867023, 08052867058 Police advocate community involvement in fight against crime By Chinedu Adonu E NUGU—THE Nigeria Policing Programme (NPP) has revealed that communitybased security system is most viable to tackle temporary security challenges facing the country. Team leader of NPP in Enugu State, Mr Larry Oguego told newsman in Enugu yesterday that the NPP opens an allencompassing bottom-up approach for effective security, which starts from individuals at the community level. Oguego noted that the Community Safety Programme, CSP, of the NPP seeks to collect public spirited individuals in each community and make them a focal-point to get vital intelligence and surveillance to nip crime in the bud on time. According to him, these public spirited individuals are always there in most communities. “But, they needed enlightenment and education to tell them how CARS45 signs deal with Rensource on renewable energy NIGERIA’S pioneer used-car buying service has signed a deal with Rensource, a renewable energy firm on power supply through renewable energy sources. The deal will see Rensource deploying renewable power solution infrastructure to over 100 Cars45 inspection centres across Nigeria. The signing of the agreement has already seen implementation of the first phase of the deal which saw the supply of power infrastructure to 30 centres in Lagos. The implementation of the best and possible ways to participate in security matters for the safety of their communities,” he said. He noted that security agencies needed the greater help of Nigerians in various communities now than before due to increased population and advancement in technology even in remote communities. “For now, there is no alternative to the welltailored Community Security Programme, CSP of the NPP; which within few weeks had proven to be accepted and working for our people. “Here, the security of the people lies with the people and the people as well will gain tremendously from having a secured environment for their businesses and other human activities. “That is why we are calling on more Nigerians to join the bottom-up approach to security, which NPP is formulating for the country, for a better and secure Nigerian communities and neighbourhoods,”he said. ...recover over 2,000 arms, ammunition in Imo By Chinonso Alozie OWERRI—IMO police command yesterday, said 2,323 illegal arms and ammunition have been recovered from the public. While displaying the variety of the arms and ammunition at the command headquarters in Owerri, the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chris Ezike, claimed that it would checkmate political thuggery. The lists of the arms and ammunition mentioned as recovered by the police, included: “English pistols, 19; locally made pistols, 69; locally made guns 39; AK 47 rifles, 9 and AR 70 rifles, 2. Others included: "Pump Action, 28; Madison rifles, 3; Double barrel guns, 11 and Catriges, 99. “We have a total of ammunition of 2,323 and 25 empty magazines.” He added that, “The summary of arms and ammunition recovered were: guns, 168; catriges, 99; ammunition , 2,323 and empty magazines, 25.” The CP, went further to say that the mop -up exercise, “will lead to reduction of crimes of various dimension.” second phase is set to commence soon. Speaking on the partnership, the Chief Executive Officer of Cars45, Etop Ikpe, said: “While Cars45 looks to partner with outstanding and innovative agencies, we are also building on our foundation; a legacy that will soon overwhelm the automobile market. This partnership with Rensource is guaranteed to create a lasting landmark in Nigeria, talk about working without the fear of being cut short soon by electricity companies.” BIRTHDAY: From left—Oba Kamoru Abimbola Akinyele, (Ijeni 1), Olu of Famina, Ife; Alhaja Subulola Toiba Lawal; Mrs Beatrice Ayodele, during a thanksgiving service to mark the 80th birthday of Oba Kamoru Abimbola Akinyele, held in Lagos. Photo: Kehinde Gbadamosi Buhari’s second term ambition will facilitate actualisation of Biafra—IPOB •President doesn't deserve re-election—Moghalu •He has performed woefully—Onyia N N By Chimaobi Nwaiwu E W I — INDIGENOUS People of Biafra, IPOB, has described the declaration by President Muhammadu Buhari to contest second tenure as a welcome development that will facilitate the actualization of Biafra. IPOB in a statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful said “this second coming of Buhari portends goodwill for freedom lovers because God Almighty, Chukwu Okike Abiama wants to fulfill his divine purpose in the lives of Biafrans in 2019 as foretold by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu many years ago. “IPOB worldwide views the decision of Muhammadu Buhari to seek re-election in 2019 as a welcome development. We have always maintained that the rebirth of Biafra will happen under Buhari or under whoever is answering to his name. “No doubt, we have lost a lot of people under the brutality of this terror APC regime. We also have many innocent citizens in prison and detention facilities across Nigeria with countless miscarriages of justice in the law courts but we remain undeterred, focused and determined, because like Israelites in Egypt, Jews in Europe and Germany, blacks in apartheid South Africa, no amount of tribulation will stop us from emerging victorious as a free people at the end of this process. “This second coming of Buhari portends goodwill for freedom lovers because God Almighty, Chukwu Okike Abiama wants to fulfill his divine purpose in the lives of Biafrans in 2019 as foretold by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu many years ago.” IPOB also urged the people of Middle Belt and South West not to give up or capitulate in the collective quest to their freedom from the shackles of caliphate domination and creeping islamisation. “At IPOB, we are continuing the intensification of our global campaign to peacefully bring the existence of this disastrous colonial experiment called Nigeria to an end, in order that millions of innocent lives may be saved.” Buhari doesn't deserve reelection—Moghalu Meantime, a presidential candidate and former deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Kingsley Moghalu, has reiterated the need for a paradigm shift in Nigerian politics, stating that based on an objective assessment of President Muhammadu Buhari’s failed performance, he does not deserve to be re-elected by Nigerians for a second term. Speaking in a statement after a confirmation of the president’s intention to contest for office again, the founder, Institute for Governance and Economic Transformation, affirmed that although President Buhari had the unalienable right to run if he wishes, he should be judged on his record. “Nigeria has the highest number of poor people in the world, with 15 per cent inflation and one per cent GDP growth due to economic mismanagement. We deserve a very different kind of effective and inclusive leadership that can unite the country and reverse the poverty that has made our country the poverty capital of the world with the highest number of absolutely poor people of any country,” said Professor Moghalu. Moghalu, who is currently in the United States for series of townhall meetings with Nigerians in Diaspora, emphasised that the current administration’s record was a dubious “achievement” on which to seek a second term in office. “In contrast with that record of increasing poverty and insecurity in our country, I offer my vision of something new, bold and different. I offer a new kind of competent, inclusive and effective leadership that will truly usher Nigeria into the 21st century and build a better future for our children and youth,” he said. He has performed woefully—Onyia In his reaction, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief Dubem Onyia said that President Muhammadu Buhari performed woefully in all the sectors in his first term in office and should therefore not present himself for a second term in 2019. Onyia spoke yesterday in a telephone interview with Vanguard in Enugu. According to him, Buhari’s first term was an unmitigated disaster. He said, “Buhari scored low in all sectors. He came to power on the promise that he would fight corruption. In four years, nobody has been brought to book for corruption and there is pervasive corruption everywhere. Look at the issue of Maina. He even recalled somebody who was sacked for corruption. “The job of the government is to provide security for its citizens; he has failed to provide security for Nigerians. Nigerians are being slaughtered on daily basis across the country and nobody is doing anything. “Youth unemployment has hit the roof. There is no employment for the citizens. Unless President Buhari has perfected plans to rig himself back to office, he should not run because he will not win." Ihedioha worries over youths' future National Association of By Chidi Nkwopara O WERRI—FORMER Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, says he is disturbed at the way “dreams and ideas of Nigerian youths are brazenly frustrated on the altar of the Nigerian environment.” Chief Ihedioha, made his feelings known in a keynote address he delivered at the inauguration of the Coordinator, Zone B, Nigerian Students, NANS, at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, FUTO. “The indices of success recorded by youths in other climes would be terribly less, had they been confronted with similar Nigerian environmental realities,” Ihedioha said. He identified insecurity, epileptic power supply, high inflation, devalued Naira, bitter bank interest rates, poor economic policies and deficient infrastructural base as some of the challenges facing the Nigerian youths.

EVERY generation of Nigerians has heard this question asked in one form or the other and felt the intense frustration or anger it expresses. Why a country so blessed with talented individuals who find success abroad rather than within our shores, should continue to struggle to provide basic amenities for its people, is nothing short of a tragedy: One only has to visit any diaspora community to see what Nigerians are capable of in a well-functioning environment. Unfortunately, a system that works for all, one which allows the best to thrive rather than merely survive off of handouts from parasitic forces, is not in the interest of those who have held sway for the past 30 odd years. In an open contest, one would find that many of those we celebrate, not because of any brilliance but simply because of their money or positions, would find it difficult to compete or even to stay afloat. Fortunately for those at the helm of affairs, Nigerians are a docile, easily contented people who have been brow-beaten by decades of missed opportunities, lies and political manipulation. Political manipulation Now, we revel in our own suffering, acting as if it were a badge of honour to be deprived of almost everything that makes modern life worth living. How they must laugh at Nigerians who allow themselves to be divided on ethno-religious lines when the truth is that politicians freely associate with each other, inter-marry, do business, etc. with no regard for creed or tribe. Perhaps the real question should be “what is wrong with Nigerians” and not “what is Jacob Zuma THE former South African president, appeared in court facing corruption charges relating to a $2.5 billion eerily familiar arms deal. The political playbook in Africa, it seems, is basically a long list of ways to misuse public funds and to personalise government. Will we live to see a day when a former Nigerian president or head of state will be charged to court for corruption? The rest of the world continues to show us what the rule of law and accountability really mean. From South Korea to Brazil, prosecution of former leaders has shown that in democracies there are no sacred cows. Only in Nigeria do we continue to shield certain people from trial citing all sorts of strange reasons. Zuma’s years in power were riddled with scandal. In response, he faces 16 charges of fraud, racketeering, and money laundering. Zuma clearly didn’t have access to our SANs who specialise in legal loopholes and advising corrupt What’s the matter with Nigerian politicians? wrong with Nigerian politicians.” One thing is for sure: our environment, with its uncertainties and injustices, lax rules, inability to punish or to hold anyone accountable for their actions, has produced, over time, generations of individuals with psychopathic tendencies: both the leaders and the citizens themselves exhibit anti-social behavioural tendencies which curiously have become proven •Jacob Zuma individuals on how to get away with murder. They would have advised him to feign illness, to go abroad for “urgent medical treatment” or told him to claim his human rights were being infringed by the investigation, or to use the classic “the money in the accounts is from my late mum” excuse. to guaranty success in Nigeria. If one is devoid of empathy, if one is ruthless to the point of madness, violent and altogether unstable, one is ironically more likely to achieve success in a country where rationality, truth and facts no longer hold the Adamu Adamu THE Minister of Education released a statement bemoaning the fact that only 28 candidates from Zamfara State registered for this year’s common entrance exam. Curiously, no alarm bells seem to be sounding across the North. Zamfara State has become famous for all the wrong reasons: from Senator Yerima’s infamous declarations on child brides, to violent killings; both issues are related to poor education. The North (like the rest of Nigeria to a certain extent) seems unwilling to fully acknowledge or face up to the root causes of insurgency and terrorism. Nigeria has turned brushing its social issues under the carpet into an art form, pretending development is possible without carrying everyone along. The Minister of Education “pleaded” with state governments, principals and NGOs to “persuade” children from Zamfara, Kebbi and Taraba (Taraba is another state which is affected by insecurity and the farmers/herdsmen conflict) states to register for the exam almost as if he as the Minister of Education didn’t have a greater role to play. Vanguard, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 2018 —17 keys to the promise of a better life. We have been trained to evolve negative traits to survive in a society that clearly rewards and supports all manner of corruption. We have also been trained to look down on those who dare tell us there might just be another way of doing things. We call them dreamers, the •Adamu Adamu All over the world, former presidents who have been found guilty of corruption are being prosecuted then sentenced to jail, forced to refund whatever they illegally acquired worst sort of fools; those who don’t know how to enact scams or to harm innocent people. This group is yet to find its champion, one who will fight for them not in words but in deeds by bringing to book those whose actions have brought us so low. He stated the registration portal would remain open till the April 13, therefore, giving people more time to register but without laying out a road-map to comprehensively tackle the problem. Taraba had only 95 candidates, Kebbi 50. More worryingly, the minister stated that in 2018 only 71,294 candidates registered to sit the exam as opposed to 80,421 who sat the exam in 2017. What accounts for the discrepancy? Has this been the trend over the years and what are the implications for the rest of the country? Education is central to All over the world, former presidents who have been found guilty of corruption are being prosecuted then sentenced to jail, forced to refund whatever they illegally acquired. Only in Nigeria are sacred cows allowed to enjoy their loot with the support of the masses who eagerly defend their leaders’ right to oppress them. We have completely imbibed the logic that we are inferior, unworthy perhaps of breathing the same air, of being treated fairly and decently as befits any human being, which is why strange (not to say expired) elements keep re-branding and recycling themselves for our eager consumption: the Nigeria Intervention Movement, the Third Force, in any other clime would have been laughed out of the public space because it is composed of individuals who have either already been in office or people who have always associated with those in power and profited from doing so. Therefore, they have had ample opportunities to do what is right if they so wished and can’t pretend to be well intentioned or to try to promote new, fresh, leadership as they have always aided and abetted those who have brought us to this sorry state. We have to ask ourselves when we’ll finally stop asking “what’s wrong with Nigerian politicians” and realise that until we all decide to play a part in governance, at whatever level, in whatever capacity we feel comfortable with, real change will always elude us. building the critical mass Nigeria needs; yet funding for education in Nigeria is always difficult to come by. It isn’t enough for the minister to urge stakeholders to act, he must present his own plan of action then mobilise all those concerned to support it and implement reforms. There have been no publicized debates on far-reaching education reform and public policy at the federal level in decades, which is why Nigeria lags behind smaller African countries in terms of the quality of education available for its citizens. In Nigeria, we’ve always focused more on physical infrastructure forgetting that without educating or empowering the people who’ll use said infrastructure, not only will it be misused and fall into rapid disrepair, one ends up, like in a number of state capitals in the north for example, with airports citizens don’t use (or can’t afford) and roads leading to nowhere. Tabia Princewill is a strategic communications consultant and public policy analyst. She is also the co-host and executive producer of a talk show, WALK THE TALK which airs on Channels TV.