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Climate Services at work - ERA4CS Projects exchange and networking lab

EASME Horizon 2020 - JPI Climate ERA4CS project networking event 30 November 2017, Brussels

5 key words to be

5 key words to be “googled” Climate risk; investment & climate; extreme events; flooding risk; green finance About you and your interest Christa Clapp (project lead) & Elisabeth Lannoo (stakeholder engagement & communication) Our interest is making connections with other projects working on physical climate risk information for decision makers. About the project consortium The international, scientific consortium behind the ClimINVEST project is specialized in assessing climate impacts and developing tailored climate services and tools. Led by the Norwegian centre CICERO Climate Finance, the project team includes Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) and Climate Adaptation Services from the Netherlands, as well as the French Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE), Météo France and Weathernews Inc. The project builds on an established group of institutional investors represented on the Advisory Board of CICERO Climate Finance (, including Norges Bank Investment Management, Andre AP-fonden, Storebrand, BlackRock, the World Bank Treasury, SEB, DNB, Finance Norway. ClimINVEST will expand this group with other relevant investors from France and The Netherlands. JPI Climate Central Secretariat – fact sheet for kick-off meeting 30/11/2017

CLISWELN (LOGO in prep.) Duration (10/2017 –09/2020 (36 months) (in prep.)/ #CLISWELN A project funded under ERA4CS Your elevator pitch The water-energy-land nexus serves as a lens to provide coherent climate change adaptation advice through a range of SDGs and avoid trade-offs, such as potentially increased emissions. Our aim is to advance the provision of Climate Services for droughtrelated decision-making, by using this nexus. The case studies focus on conflicting water uses in cities, regions and river basins with drought-related vulnerabilities. 5 key words to be “googled” Co-benefits, climate Services, nexus, droughts, land use change. About you and your interest Roger Cremades I wish to couple our nexus modelling approaches with other sectorial climate models. About the project consortium The following project partners focus on climate impact and nexus modelling in the following sectors (and case studies). Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU), Institute for Sustainable Economic Development: agriculture (Seewinkel, Burgenland, Austria). Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare în Silvicultură (INCDS): forest and cities (Tărlung river and city of Braçov, Romania). Centro de Investigación Ecológica y Aplicaciones Forestales (CREAF): water (Marina Baixa County, Spain). Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS): water and cities (Marina Baixa County, Spain). JPI Climate Central Secretariat – fact sheet for kick-off meeting 30/11/2017