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Climate Services at work - ERA4CS Projects exchange and networking lab

EASME Horizon 2020 - JPI Climate ERA4CS project networking event 30 November 2017, Brussels

About the project

About the project consortium Coordination Goethe University Frankfurt (GU), Germany (PI Petra Döll) Co-development, stakeholder participation and transdisciplinary research methods GU Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique (LMD), France (PI Jan Polcher) University of Le Mans (UM), France (PI Yamna Djellouli) Quantis, Germany (PI: Michael Spielmann) Global hydrological modelling GU LMD Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany (PI Dieter Gerten) International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria (PI Yoshihide Wada) Others Knowledge dissemination: International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change, Germany (PI: Siegfried Demuth) Software engineering: Kisters AG, Germany (PI: Michael Natschke) JPI Climate Central Secretariat – fact sheet for kick-off meeting 30/11/2017

Co-development of CLimate services for adaptation to changing Marine Ecosystems (CoCliME) 15th September 2017 – 14th September 2020 Twitter: #CoCliME A project funded under ERA4CS Your elevator pitch The CoCliME project will co-develop and co-produce bespoke, proof-of-concepts or prototype marine ecosystem climate services and a transferable framework for climate services development, to support informed decision making relevant to climate changerelated ecological and socio-economic impacts across six European coastal areas (Atlantic, Baltic, Black, Mediterranean, North and Norwegian Seas case studies). JPI Climate Central Secretariat – fact sheet for kick-off meeting 30/11/2017