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Climate Services at work - ERA4CS Projects exchange and networking lab

EASME Horizon 2020 - JPI Climate ERA4CS project networking event 30 November 2017, Brussels


INSeaPTION September/2017 –august 2020 (36 months) Twitter: @INSeaPTION A project funded under ERA4CS Elevator pitch While future sea-level rise is recognized to be a major threat to coasts, sea-level information currently available is not customized to the practice of coastal adaptation. Coastal managers require services tailored to their needs including full information on uncertainties, high-end estimates, accurate storm and flood modeling, shoreline change projections and relevant adaptation options within the context of current practices and governance arrangements. INSeaPTION is a research project, which aims at addressing these limitations by codesigning and co-developing, together with users, coastal climate services based on stateof-the art sea-level rise, impact, adaptation and transdisciplinary science. Specifically, the project will co-design and co-develop the following coastal climate services with several groups of diverse users: - Global to regional coastal climate service, addressing the needs of major companies, international organizations and governments to have globally consistent information on sea-level rise, its impacts and adaptation pathways for long-term locational planning, climate policy making and financing adaptation and loss & damages. - Regional to local coastal climate services addressing the needs of planners and policy makers for local tailored sea-level projections, impact and adaptation information useful for long-term development, infrastructure and land-use planning for two high impact territories: the Maldives and French Polynesia. JPI Climate Central Secretariat – fact sheet for kick-off meeting 30/11/2017

The INSeaPTION scientific team at the kick-off meeting (November 2017, Paris) 5 key words to be “googled” Sea level rise, Coastal impacts, Flooding, Erosion, Waves About you and your interest Gonéri LE COZANNET, interrested in climate change impacts and adaptation in coastal zones About the project consortium BRGM, French Geological Survey, France: coordinating the project Jochen Hinkel and Sandy Bisaro, GCF, Global Climate Forum, Germany: coordinating case studies in the Maldives Roderik Van De Wal, University Utrecht, the Netherlands: coordinating the global case study Virginie Duvat, University La Rochelle, France: coordinating the case study in French Polynesia CREOCEAN, France: company providing coastal adaptation services Patrice Walker and Jehane Ouriqua Marta Marcos, University Balearic Islands, Spain: climate change impacts on extreme water levels JPI Climate Central Secretariat – fact sheet for kick-off meeting 30/11/2017