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Email: Whatsapp:+8618928439036 5. How Much garcinia cambogia extract powder Should You Take? If you decide that you still want to try taking GC for weight loss or its other benefits, here’s what you need to know about dosage recommendations for products containing HCA: Studies using GC have used a wide range of doses, anywhere from one gram to 2.8 grams daily. Typical doses are ususally between 250–1,000 milligrams per day. Study durations have also varied widely, ranging from using GC between two to 12 weeks at a time. The optimal dose of HCA is currently still unknown. It’s not clear if a higher HCA dosage even means a higher bioavailability of HCA once consumed. There does seem to be a significant correlation between the dosage of HCA and body weight loss, meaning higher doses have slightly more effects. Garcinia cambogia extract powder continues to be the most widely used supplement in studies for providing HCA, however aside from GC, HCA can also be found in supplements made from the plant Hibiscus subdariffa. 6

Email: Whatsapp:+8618928439036 Because most studies have investigated the effects of GC taken for about eight weeks, researchers believe this is ultimately “too short a time to assess the effects of HCA on body weight.” To err on the safe side, avoid buying garcinia cambogia extract powder “formulas” or “supplement blends,” which might fail to report all of the other ingredients included or accurate levels of HCA. Many proprietary formulas are made by manufacturers that only use a fraction of the active ingredient or standard dose to keep costs down. Always read labels and look for the words “pure garcinia cambogia extract” powder and “hydroxycitric acid (or HCA) extract” (this should be around 50 percent to 60 percent of the product). If you purchase a blend and see an ingredient listed without an amount, that can be a red flag that you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. 6. Garcinia Cambogia Extract Benefits Animal and test-tube studies suggest that garcinia cambogia extract may also have some anti-diabetic effects, including: • Decreasing insulin levels • Decreasing leptin levels 7

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