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Eastbourne International Airshow 2016

38 Bristol The Bristol

38 Bristol The Bristol Blenheim’s history is long and an important milestone in the history of British aviation. A truly unique British aircraft, it has been repaired to carry into the future a lasting flight heritage and living memorial for the nation. Built in 1934 it was the fastest light bomber of the day. The crews liked the Blenheims and Winston Churchill paid homage to their bravery comparing them to the ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ After a five year long restoration in June 1983, this aircraft, became once again internationally known as the only flying example of an early war RAF light bomber. One of only two British WWII bombers flying, the RAF Lancaster being the other, it featured in many air shows, films, television broadcasts and magazine articles. The Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford have completed this latest restoration using old aeroplane manufacturing skills, many of which are now lost to the nation bringing this truly British aircraft to the airshow circuit this year. BLENHEIM FLYING TIMES Sat 13:14; Sun 13:58 DIMENSIONS Height: 3.0m Length: 12.98m Wingspan: 17.17m PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed: 266mph (231kts, 428km/h) at 11,800ft (3,597m) POWERPLANT 2 × Bristol Mercury XV radial engine, 920hp (690kW) each DID YOU KNOW? The RAF had more Blenheims in service than any other aircraft and it became the first multi-role aircraft. EASTBOURNE INTERNATIONAL 2016

Spitfire MK9 This Spitfire on display at Airbourne is one of the finest examples of a Mk 9 Spitfire still flying today. Built as a single-seat LFlX fighter in 1944 at the Castle Bromwich factory of Vickers Supermarine, she is today piloted by John Romain of the Aircraft Restoration Company. The Tr.9 Spitfires were typically used to train pilots for the IAC Seafire fleet. Although the MK9 Spitfire was primarily a trainer, it was equipped with two .303 Browning machine guns, one in each outer wing bay. This Tr9 has had an interesting history, used for filming and with many re-paints and owners. She has also seen major rebuilds where the aircraft was restored as a two seater, but with a modified rear canopy arrangement. And again after 2000, with the Aircraft Restoration Company and Historic Flying Ltd. (HFL) she was converted back to the original configuration with the bubble top rear canopy. FLYING TIMES Thu 16:36; Fri 15:39 Sat 16:28; Sun 15:57 DIMENSIONS Height: 3.86m Length: 9.47m Wingspan: 11.23m PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed: 404mph (650km/h) at 21,000ft (6,400m) POWERPLANT 1 × Rolls Royce Merlin 66 piston engine DID YOU KNOW? Amazingly the original rear canopy assembly was traced to being in store in Norfolk and was acquired for the rebuild with HFL. WWW.EASTBOURNEAIRSHOW.COM

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