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Eastbourne International Airshow 2016

42 MiG-15 “Red 18”

42 MiG-15 “Red 18” This aircraft is a Polish-built SB Lim-2 (MiG-15UTI), produced in 1952 and is operated by the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron as a representative of the Cold War ‘enemy’. This aircraft was a fighter trainer with some 18,000 produced from 1949. The prototype MiG-15 first flew in December 1947. Its service ended in 1990 when it was exported to the USA but returned to Europe in the summer of 2014. Given the shared border between north-eastern Norway and Russia, and the many encounters between Royal Norwegian Air Force and Soviet aircraft during the Cold War, the Polish MiG is an appropriate addition to the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron. The aircraft is painted and marked as “RED 18” to represent Russian-Soviet pilot and cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, a MiG-15 fighter pilot and the first human to journey into outer space in 1961. FLYING TIMES Sat 15:22; Sun 13:21 DIMENSIONS Height: 3.7m Length: 10.10m Wingspan: 10.08m PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed: 652mph POWERPLANT 1 × Klimov VK-1 turbojet engine DID YOU KNOW? The MiG-15 has been involved in several conflicts including the Chinese Civil War against Taiwan (1946-50), the Korean War (1950-53) and the Suez Canal Crisis (1956) EASTBOURNE INTERNATIONAL 2016

Vampires The Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron will be displaying three of their magnificent aircraft at this year’s Airbourne, the MiG-15 (see over) and a pair of Vampires. The de Havilland DH.100 Vampire was a British jet fighter commissioned by the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. Although it arrived too late to see combat during the war, the Vampire served with front line RAF squadrons until 1953 and continued in use as a trainer until 1966. The Vampire also served with many air forces worldwide, setting aviation firsts and records. On display at today’s Airbourne is D.H Vampire FB.52, an export version of the Mk 6. 101 were built and were in use from 1949 to 1957. Also the de Havilland Vampire T.55, an export version of the DH 115 trainer in RAF service and in use from 1952 to 1955. Both Vampires on display today were built in Switzerland in the 50’s and are now in the Royal Norwegian Air Force markings to represent Vampire PX-K/ PX-M, serving at the 336 squadron in the early 50s, Norway’s first pure jet fighter squadron. FLYING TIMES Sat 13:00; Sun 15:43 DIMENSIONS Height: 2.69m Length: 9.37m Wingspan: 11.58m PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed: 548mph POWERPLANT 1 × de Havilland Goblin 35 centrifugal turbojet, 3,500 lbf DID YOU KNOW? Almost 3,300 Vampires were built. The Vampire design was also developed into the de Havilland Venom fighter-bomber as well as naval Sea Vampire variants. WWW.EASTBOURNEAIRSHOW.COM

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