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Eastbourne International Airshow 2016

44 The Tigers PARACHUTE

44 The Tigers PARACHUTE DISPLAY TEAM The Tigers are the flagship team for the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, whose seniority stems from the Tangier Regiment of 1661! See these experienced parachutists drop onto the beach and sea, smoke trailing, flags flying, performing amazing formations both in the air and under the parachute. The Tigers have many display routines, all dynamic in style and will hold you captivated throughout the entire routine. The team was formed in 1986 and originally known as “The Flying Dragons”, a legacy that still continues to this day. The Tigers, lead by Captain Ian Wicks, have performed at many events as far a field as Berlin, Kosovo, Cyprus, and more recently at the opening of the birthday celebrations for Her Majesty Queen Margrethe ll of Denmark. The team now provide additional support to the Army with an active role in recruitment and image promotion. FLYING TIMES Thu 14:40; Fri 15:21; Sat 16:10; Sun 16:20 DID YOU KNOW? You can jump Like a Tiger! Jump from an aeroplane at 13,000 feet and fall towards earth at 120mph before opening a parachute and slowly floating down to the ground. See for more. EASTBOURNE INTERNATIONAL 2016

Fireflies AEROBATIC DISPLAY TEAM The FireFlies consist of two Vans RV4 aircraft flown by Pilots Jon Gowdy and Andy Durston performing a twilight and afternoon show at this year’s Airbourne. The display features a combination of close formation aerobatics, opposition and synchro flying in a special dusk display using pyrotechnics or white smoke for the afternoon show. The Van’s series of sport aircraft are by a long way, the most successful line of build-it-yourself kit planes on the planet. Well over 9,000 RV’s have taken to the skies around the world and the RV4’s that the team fly are a development of the original, single seat RV3. Weighing in at an empty weight of approximately 500kg, the RV4 is about a third the weight of a VW Golf but fitted with a 5.3 Litre 160HP engine giving it performance like a hotrod. Normal cruising speed is about 160 mph but during the display the Fireflies make the most of the entire flight envelope and will be travelling at everything from zero to over 200 mph. FLYING TIMES Sun 14:39 & 20:20 PERFORMANCE Stall Speed: 48mph Cruise Speed: 170-190mph Max Speed: 210mph DID YOU KNOW? Jon flies the lead aircraft of the Fireflies, guiding the team through their dynamic sequence of manoeuvres, ensuring that every display is as safe as it is exciting! WWW.EASTBOURNEAIRSHOW.COM

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