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Eastbourne International Airshow 2016

46 B-25 The B-25N

46 B-25 The B-25N ‘Mitchell’ (PH-XXV) is a medium bomber that was developed by the US Army at the end of the 1930’s. Named after the American General Billy Mitchell, it served on many fronts during World War Two. The Dutch Government were the first foreign recipient of the bomber and it stayed in active duty until 1954. The Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight Foundation (in Dutch ‘Stichting Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht’ or SKHV), was first started in 1969 by a group of former Air Force and Navy fighter pilots to provide private pilots with the possibility of advanced flying training. From 1976 it has dedicated itself to the restoration of propeller-driven aircraft formerly used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Navy. It has now grown into a leading aircraft museum with an impressive fleet of historical aircraft including the impressive B-25 Mitchell on display here today, purchased in 1989 to keep the memory of Dutch aircrews alive. MITCHELL FLYING TIMES Thu 16:23; Fri 14:05; Sat 13:26; Sun 14:10 DIMENSIONS Height: 4.80m Length: 15.90m Wingspan: 21m PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed: 280mph POWERPLANT 2 x Wright R-2600 Cyclone DID YOU KNOW? Since the merger of the Duke of Brabant Air Force (DBAF) and SKHV on 2004 the DBAF flag-ship, the B-25 Mitchell, has been part of the SKHV fleet. EASTBOURNE INTERNATIONAL 2016

P-51 MUSTANG “Jumpin Jacques” is a P-51D-20-NA model, built at North American’s Inglewood facility in California and accepted by the USAAF in 1944. She entered combat with the 15th Air Force in 1945 flying on bomber escort and ground attack sweeps over Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia. After the war she was placed into storage and later prepared for service with Air National Guard units during the Korean War. During this period she had the wording “U.S. Air Force” above the serial number on the fin and the Buzz Number “FF-035” applied to the fuselage below the cockpit, evidence still visible in the metalwork to this day. In 1953 she was placed into storage to await disposal but was eventually sold and given a new civilian US registration. In 1989 she was owned and operated by Jacques Bourret of Aero Retro based at St Rambert. When looking for a colour scheme for the P-51, Jacques came upon the photo of a Mustang named “Jumpin Jacques” and adopted this as the new scheme. Today she proudly forms part of the Hangar 11 collection. FLYING TIMES Thu 15:52; Fri 13:34 Sat 14:04; Sun 15:14 DIMENSIONS Height: 9.83m Length: 4.17m Wingspan: 11.28m PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed: 437mph POWERPLANT 1 × Packard V-1650 liquid cooled supercharged V-12 DID YOU KNOW? This aircraft has never had a major rebuild and is almost totally original as built in 1944 and still carries evidence of her battle scars with repairs just behind the pilot’s position on both sides of the fuselage, and puncture repairs to the fin. WWW.EASTBOURNEAIRSHOW.COM

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