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Eastbourne International Airshow 2016

50 The Blades The Blades

50 The Blades The Blades celebrated their 10th display season in 2015 and since 2006 have flown over 500 displays throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle-East. A leading display team of former Red Arrow pilots, The Blades are renowned for breath-taking formation aerobatics within their cutting-edge display. The display itself is designed to showcase the amazing capabilities of the Extra 300, combined with the skill, experience and heritage of the pilots to deliver the ultimate in aerial excellence. The display lasts for 15 minutes and includes over 30 exhilarating manoeuvres. Containing a variety of mind-blowing aerobatic stunts flown just feet apart. The Blades have over 30,000 flying hours and more than 4,000 displays between them and are flying once again under the leadership of Blade 1, Mark ‘Cutty’ Cutmore. The Blade 2 position will be shared between Chris Carder and Ben Murphy with Kirsty Murphy and Myles Garland sharing the Blade 3 position with Andy Evans as Blade 4. FLYING TIMES Thu 16:05; Fri 14:31; Sat 15:42; Sun 15:26 DIMENSIONS Height: 2.62m Length: 6.96m Wingspan: 8m PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed: 253mph POWERPLANT 1 x 300 HP Lycoming AE10-540 DID YOU KNOW? The Blades are the only aerobatic display team in the world that also operates as an airline, offering passengers the opportunity to experience life-changing close formation aerobatics! EASTBOURNE INTERNATIONAL 2016

Breitling WINGWALKERS UK based AeroSuperBatics have been specialists in display flying for over 30 years and operate one of the best known and loved civilian air display acts in Europe. The wingwalkers perform a breath-taking sequence of acrobatic manoeuvres and handstands whilst strapped to the top wings of the team’s beautiful, vintage 1940’s Boeing Stearman biplanes in a striking Breitling livery. The team pilots fly the aircraft through a well rehearsed energetic routine of dazzling aerobatics and close formation flypasts as the wingwalkers wave at the crowd. Wingwalking dates back to when young flying aces returned from the First World War addicted to the thrill of flying. After the war, surplus aircraft was cheap to buy, so they were purchased by these pilots who would thrill crowds with their aerial antics. These pilots began to persuade their girlfriends to walk out along their biplanes linen wings and this was the start of wingwalking. The Breitling Wingwalkers recreate the fearless glamour of those pioneering years. FLYING TIMES Thu 15:21; Fri 13:47 Sat 14:16; Sun 14:22 AIRCRAFT 1940s Boeing Stearman biplane PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed: 150mph POWERPLANT 1 × 450hp radial engine DID YOU KNOW? 2016 is the first season for new wingwalker Florence! Make sure you wave as she experiences speeds up to 150mph and ‘G’ forces up to 4G! WWW.EASTBOURNEAIRSHOW.COM

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