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Eastbourne International Airshow 2017


25 YEARS OF THE AIR SHOW The Air Show started in 1993 and there have been many highlights. Here are just a few of yours from the past 24 years. . . 24 “In 2015 on the Thursday there was torrential rain but the show went on regardless. I remember the Army Personnel splashing in the puddles!” Lisa Stevens 20 “[There’s] lots to choose from! It’s always great to see something new and different at Airbourne, like in 2013 when we had two Dassault Flamant.” Kylie Stevens 23 22 21 “Our best moment from the 2016 airshow was my son getting to meet the world’s best, the Red Arrows pilots.” Denise Linington “Many happy years working on the RAF News Display caravan in the RAF area and meeting so many enthusiastic and interesting people. I had so much fun that I’ve returned as a nonparticipant every year since!” Andrew Wise “Watching the Utterly Butterly Wingwalkers (in 2006) made me always want to be one of the acrobats when I grew up.” Cassie Stewart 19 18 17 16 “Sally B returned in 2016 for first time in 15 years – love this beauty!” Julie Paul “The first ever appearance in Eastbourne of the Belgian F-16 (1999) - it was an amazing sight! I’m so excited it’s appearing this year!” Pete Smith “The Catalina Flying Boat came in from Beachy Head hold, did a circuit then landed on the sea between the Wish Tower and Pier. That is the first and only time we have landed a ‘Cat’ at the airshow (1997)!” Millie Rose “My fav moment was seeing the Vulcan XH558 approach from Beachy Head in 2012. My dad was her first pilot in RAF service.” DawnSunrise1 15 “The Airbourne live stage was fantastic in 2015 with Scouting For Girls performing.” Matt Cook 14 “In 2013 there were 4 x Red Arrows displays, Disney Planes and Jetpack flying over the sea - awesome!” Sarah Chandler 10 EASTBOURNE INTERNATIONAL aIR S HOW 2017

13 “Seeing the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight when it flies past accompanied by stirring music and it was a pleasure to meet the veteran Air Gunner Joe Williams at Airbourne in 2010.” Susan Fox 12 “Seeing the first breath-taking Typhoon display in 2005!” Peter Howard 11 “The B1 Bomber in 2006.” Eden Forth 10 “I’ll never forget the day the (Oasis Hong Kong Airlines) Boeing 747 did a fly past over the sea in 2007, it was madness seeing such a loud display so close to the sea.” Rebekah Neumann 5 “The red, white and blue fireworks for the Red Arrows 50th Anniversary, in 2014 – amazing!” Tracey Robinson 9 “I loved Airbourne 2012 with the first Vulcan appearance, Tigers jump for the Olympics closing ceremony and fireworks at Princes Park!” Phil Parsons 4 “I remember in 2001 the Chinook HC2 helicopter flew on to Eastbourne beach with a land rover dangling underneath, it then landed and troops disgorged and engaged in a mock beach battle.” Steph James 3 “The airshow in 2000 was, in my opinion, one of the best with the Harrier GR7, Jaguar GR3, Nimrod MR2, Tornado F3 and a Tornado GR1, plus a large display of classic and vintage cars in the Winter Garden! What a year!” Mike Marchant – Events Development Manager 8 “One of my most precious memories is sharing a car with John Romain in 2013, as we travelled out to Shoreham Airport where the Spitfire he was displaying was based. He is an amazing pilot, a superb engineer and a real favourite of mine.” Graham Huntley 2 1 “Seeing the British and Canadian Lancaster flying together back in 2014, it was a sight that may never be repeated!” Peter Horne “Airbourne 2015 had all my favourite moments – it was the last chance to see the Vulcan and the first ever Blenheim display.” Robert LeGrys 7 6 “The awesome French Mirage 2000! A rare sight in the UK and nice and noisy!” Nigel Wills “Arguably the most famous jet in the world, the Harrier GR7. This was the first year it appeared at Airbourne (1999). I was always impressed at how it hovered and then bowed to the crowd at the end of its display. We came back to see it on the Saturday and Sunday too. What an aircraft!” James Osborne E A S T B O U R N E ’ S A I R B O U R N E Insert your favourite 2017 Air Show memory here! _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ WWW.EASTBOURNEAIRSHOW.COM 11

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