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Eastbourne International Airshow 2017


BREITLING WING WALKERS FLYING TIMES Thurs 14:18; Fri 15:46 Sat 13:45; Sun 13:34 The world famous AeroSuperBatics team are the only aerobatic formation wingwalking team. They have been specialists in display flying for over 30 years! They perform a breathtaking sequence of acrobatic manoeuvres and handstands whilst strapped to the top wings of the team’s beautiful Boeing Stearman biplanes. The team pilots fly through a wellrehearsed, energetic routine as the wingwalkers wave at the crowd. These manoeuvres include, loops, rolls, stall turns and even inverted flight! During all of this, the wingwalkers experience speeds up to 150mph and ‘G’ forces of up to 4G! Wingwalking itself was a byproduct of World War I. When the fighting finished there was a surplus of planes snapped up by freshly skilled pilots who got creative performing stunts! In 1918 an American flier called Ormer Locklear came up with a stunt that was guaranteed to wow the crowds: he would climb out of the aeroplane and walk along the wing and even climb from one aeroplane onto another and wingwalking was born! The Breitling Wingwalkers recreate the glamour, spectacle, sounds and atmosphere of those barnstorming days for you today! AIRCRAFT 1940s Boeing Stearman biplane PERFORMANCE Max Speed: 150mph POWERPLANT 1 x 450hp radial engine DID YOU KNOW? You can Go Wingwalking! Wingwalking experiences are available for £399. See for more details. 30 EASTBOURNE INTERNATIONAL aIR S HOW 2017

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1st & 2nd April 2017
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