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Eastbourne International Airshow 2017


SIOUX & SCOUT AH1 HELICOPTERS Since 1980 the Army Historic Aircraft Flight (AHAF) have been allowed to maintain one example of each aircraft operated since the Army Air Corps (AAC) inception in 1957, in order to preserve the AAC’s aviation heritage. Today the Historic Aircraft Flight Trust (HAFT), based in Hampshire, bring the XT131 – Agusta- Bell Sioux AH Mk1 (G-CICN) and XT626 Westland Scout AH Mk1 (G-CIBW) to Eastbourne Air Show. Now both are on the civil register, they are flown by Army qualified pilots on a voluntary basis and can occasionally be seen ground running at Middle Wallop as part of the maintenance program to ensure that oils run through the system and that no leaks have developed. The aircraft are restricted to 50 hours a year. The airshow display circuit has missed seeing the AAC historic aircraft over the last couple of years, with the aircraft on the civil register and a new trust in place, the future looks very secure for these valuable, historic and rare aircraft. SIOUX DIMENSIONS Height: 2.95m; Length: 9.63m Rotor diameter: 11.3m PERFORMANCE Max Speed: 105mph POWERPLANT 1 x Lycoming TVO-435-A1A, 260hp FLYING TIMES Thurs 15:33; Fri 13:46 DID YOU KNOW? The Sioux has appeared in many film and TV productions including the 70’s show, M*A*S*H. The Scout operated in several conflict zones including the Falklands War and Northern Ireland before being replaced by the Westland Gazelle and Lynx helicopters. SCOUT DIMENSIONS Height: 2.72m; Length: 9.25m Rotor diameter: 9.83m PERFORMANCE Max Speed: 131mph POWERPLANT 1 x Rolls-Royce Nimbus 101 turboshaft, 1050shp 54 EASTBOURNE INTERNATIONAL aIR S HOW 2017

GYRO COPTER (Rotorsport Calidus) FLYING TIMES Thurs 14:52; Fri 14:31 DIMENSIONS Height: 2.7m; Length: 4.8m Width: 1.7m PERFORMANCE Max Speed: 112mph POWERPLANT 1 x Rotax 912 ULS four-stroke piston engine, 100hp Making its debut this year is this tandem two-seat aircraft, designed in Germany three years ago as a comfortable touring machine. Over 1000 sold worldwide. Autogyro, Gyroplane, Gyrocopter, Gyro – call them what you like, they’re fun to fly and great to watch on display. This aircraft is a flying windmill/ rotating parachute - think of a sycamore seed gently floating down as it spins! The rotor blades are completely free wheeling in flight, being driven solely by the air going up through the rotor disk. There is no mechanical drive to the rotors in flight, the phenomenon of autorotation drives them. Once airborne the rotors look after themselves and keep spinning, even if the airspeed indicator is showing zero! Autogyro’s were invented by Juan de la Cierva, only 20 years after the Wright Brothers first flight. They marked a departure from conventional fixed wing aircraft in an attempt to invent an aircraft that couldn’t stall. DID YOU KNOW? The name autogiro was a trade name for Cierva’s make of aircraft. They were the first rotary wing aircraft to fly successfully under full, safe control. WWW.EASTBOURNEAIRSHOW.COM 55

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