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CSS Catalogue 2018/2019 (English)

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BIF8 plus Infrared

BIF8 plus Infrared control for electrically adjustable beds BIF8 plus Pilot Touch Per Infrarot steuerbares Funkschaltsystem Different device addresses: If several beds with a BIF8plus are used in a room, it must be ensured that each bed responds only to the corresponding remote control. For this reason, the reception address can be set. The infrared bed control BIF8plus allows wireless operating of an electrically adjustable bed by means of an infrared remote control or an environmental control unit. The BIF8plus is plugged into the motor control of the bed instead of or parallel to the wired manual control. BIF8plus provides up to eleven different switching functions for this purpose. Characteristics: •Freely selectable multiple / single function assignment •Safety circuit so that safe operation is ensured even with environmental control devices. •Individually configured for most electrically adjustable beds available. Safety circuit: Automatic shutdown of a continuous actuation: A permanent function by continuously pressing a function key is interrupted after a predefined time. Monitoring switching contacts: BIF8plus detects when one of the switching contacts is no longer electrically cut off due to a defect. In this case, the activation of the switching contacts is deactivated. System self-monitoring: In the BIF8plus safety measures were taken for a possible disturbance of the control unit. A watchdog module deactivates the activation of all switching contacts in case of a failure. Groups of switching functions and settings can be conveniently set or changed by means of a USB interface using PC software (Windows). As a rule, the standard functions headboard up/ down, level up/down and foot section up/down are operated. Depending on the type of bed, combinations or special functions are also possible. Multiple actuations of the same functions: In order to ensure safe operation by means of infrared, a short compulsory pause is inserted between the repeated operations of the same functions in sequence. 12 |

Other EC receivers New in 2018 BIF8 plus infrared bed control Technical data: •Power supply: mains unit 100-240 V AC, stab. 12 V DC / 700 mA, IEC 60601-1 compliant •Switching contacts 48 V DC / 5A •11 functions, 1 activation contact •Infrared coding 38 KHz, RC5 code •Housing IP65 (protected against jets of water from all directions), RAL9002, front clip for mounting •Complete set with all needed cables, Y-box, Y cable or hand-held remote control •Dimensions: 145 x 105.9 x 45.8 mm Available for beds of the companies Bock, Völker, Burmeier, ISKO Koch, Sacon and many more with different drive variants. BIF8 plus SwitchControl Bed control by push-buttons / joystick With the BIF8 plus Switch Control the bedmotors can be operated by up to 8 user-defined pushbuttons / swiches / sensors. The basic functionality of the BIF8plus SwitchControl is identical to the infrared-controlled version. However, operation is effected directly by means of the control elements plugged into the SwitchControl box. Furthermore, a multi-switch such as e.g. Mini Joystick (see page ) may be connected by a D-SUB 9 plug-in connection. #20118-type Complete BIF8 plus SwitchControl set #19092 Mini Joystick BIF8 plus for Easywave Bed control via radio receiver With the BIF8 plus for Easywave, the bedmotors can be operated by up to 8 Easywave radio commands from any Easywave radio transmitter. The basic functionality of the BIF8 plus for Easywave is identical to the infrared controlled version. However, operation is effected by Easywave radio transmitter of the company ELDAT (see page 7). #20117-type Complete BIF8 plus for Easywave set For European market only ICS 8 V2 - IR switch box ICS Mini - The small IR switch box •Linak drives 8 pin DIN-connector •Linak drives RJ50 / 10 pin head-connector •Dewert drives 5-10 pin DIN-connector •Dewert drives 13 pin DIN-connector •ILCON drives 5-10 pin DIN-connector •Linak or Dewert drives with bus system •Other drives like limoss, OKIN, TiMotion and more. Please contact us for single push-buttons / switches / sensors. #20290-type Complete BIF8 plus IR control set #20324 IR hand-held remote control BIF8 plus IR Controlbox Netti | 13

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