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CSS Catalogue 2018/2019 (English)

Assistive technologies for people with disabilities. Full catalogue.

Switches, like special

Switches, like special buttons and suitable connections for people with special limitations. In order to activate systems and devices, optimal switches & interfaces are of crucial importance for users. The products we offer cover practically all different requirements of people with special limitations. Switches can be push-buttons that are actuated by hand or other body parts, or sensors which react to approach without pressure, sucking and blowing or acoustic utterances. Table of contents Sip-Puff Sensor Switch PneuMax 24 ClickMan 25 ClickMan ProX2- Proximity sensor sets 25 Key Switch Box USB 26 Mouse Switch Box USB 26 Multi2 Switch Box USB 26 SwitchMouse V2 USB 27 In order to make the best use of the control elements, connection interfaces are required for different systems. Our portfolio contains interfaces for computers that simulate keys or mouse functions, as well as universal interfaces, which can also be used to adjust the triggering characteristics. SWITCHES & INTERFACES Push-buttons, pneumatic switches, special switches and interfaces

Which switches for which purpose? Choosing the proper switch is very important because it represents the interface between human being and the devices to be controlled and has to be operable as optimally as possible. This includes the manner and power of the actuation as well as the position. As a rule, push-buttons require actuating by a hand (finger) or, in rare cases, by foot or head. In these cases, the actuating force and correct position (on tripod, protection against slipping) is important. In many cases, an approximation sensor (e. g. ProX2) is a good solution. Such a sensor can be optimally positioned by means of a tripod and a flexible arm and can be activated practically without force even by very small movements (head movement, finger movement). Pneumatic sensor switches such as the Hy-Pneumax are always useful when movements are not possible or hardly possible, but sucking and/or blowing into a small mouthpiece. A typical use is with people with a severe spinal paralysis. The necessary pressure can be adjusted and two functions can be triggered. Hygiene, especially in hospitals, is ensured, especially when using the proximity sensors, but also in the case of the product Hy-Pneumax because all relevant components are interchangeable. ?

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