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CSS Catalogue 2018/2019 (English)

Assistive technologies for people with disabilities. Full catalogue.

Sip-Puff Sensor Switch

Sip-Puff Sensor Switch Pneumax AssistX AS one Connection Set The pneumatic module Pneumax is used for the universal control of environmental control devices by people who can no longer operate mechanical switches because of their handicap. A 3.5 mm stereo jack plug is available as a connection. The switching contacts can be used as either normally closed or normally open contacts. The sensitivity is adjusted by two adjusting screws. By turning the adjusting screws, the normally open contact becomes a normally closed contact. The Pneumax is attached to the respective devices by means of an optionally available pipe mounting. Technical data: •3.5 mm stereo jack plug •Silicone hose connection 7mm Ø (inside 3mm) •Fine adjustment (screwdriver included) •Separate setting of blowing and suction pressure •Pressure range 5-40 mbar •Bracket for tripod and articulated arm pipe •Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 35 mm Pneumax tripod solution The Pneumax sip-puff sensor on the tripod is ideal for use in the care and bed area. The tripod is made of black lacquered full metal pipe. It is infinitely variable in height and can be individually adapted to any situation with the flexible gooseneck. Technical data: •Full metal tripod •Swivel arm and zinc die-cast base. •Sturdy and stable due to wide footrest, feet foldable. •Flexible gooseneck ~ 30cm •Tripod: installation height: 90 - 160 cm Pneumax hinged bracket Complete solution on hinged bracket with clamp mounting for pipes or tabletops. A sturdy flexible pipe with mouthpiece element (30 cm) is attached to the hinged bracket for operation. Technical data: •Variably adjustable friction •Lockable by a hand screw •For plates and pipes from 13 - 55 mm #20065 Pneumax pneumatic switching module #20011 Pneumax complete solution tripod #20109 Pneumax complete solution hinged bracket An acoustic sensor that listens for human sounds. With the acoustic sensor AS one, physically disabled persons can reliably trigger a distress call, without contact and movement. The wide range of settings makes it possible to adapt the acoustic sensor very well to the user’s needs. Ambient noise is effectively filtered out. AS one can be set to human tones of different volume, sound frequency range and duration. In addition, a special pulse mode can be set for severely impaired users. The set includes the AssistX Connect Box and a USB-power supply. The acoustic sensor AS one is sourced by the Connect Box. An activation of the acoustic switch will result a contact (NO or NC) at the output connector of AssistX Connect box. All together the set makes the AssistX AS one an independent switch to control any device who needs a single switch to control. Mode of Operation: The sensor responds to noise of a certain frequency and volume, which is maintained for a certain period of time. Optionally, a pulse mode can be set for particularly impaired users, which makes the sensor very sensitive to all noises. Only the selected volume must be reached. Sound Mode: The pitch of the acoustic signal to trigger the sensor can be taught in. The tolerance for sensitivity and frequency as well as the duration of the sound can be adjusted. The acoustic sensor can be triggered with all sounds up to the pitch of a whistle. The most reliable triggering is achieved with a sonorous humming sound “Mmmmm”. Pulse mode: For heavily impaired users, who can only keep a very short sound, the acoustic sensor can be switched to the pulse mode. The sensor then responds to all noise pulses (clicking the tongue etc.), which reach the adjusted volume. Technical Data: •Magnetic housing base for fixing to metal strips / iron pipes or the optional wall fastening panel. •Measures 51x51x26mm #20076 AssistX AS one Connection Set #20458 Wall mounting #20459 Mountiung for Magicarm/tripod #20097 Magicarm with Superclamp, and mounting for AS one Sensors and switches for call triggering Sensors and switches for call triggering see AssistX one Family: AssistX Pro-X (proximity sensor) AssistX AS one (acoustic sensor) AssistX IR one (infrared receiver) AssistX RX one (radio receiver for Easywave) 24 |

ClickMan Adaptive multicontroller for single sensors/switches hand or another body part. Thanks to its integrated lithium-polymer battery, the device is also very flexible for mobile applications. •Desired switching behavior of the switching contacts (pulse, changeover switch, push-button, double-click) ClickMan is an adaptive multicontroller for single sensors/switches with two multifunctional potential-free switching outputs, one of which can be used as an normally closed or normally open contact. This makes it possible to use ClickMan as a triggering device on luminous/ nurse call systems with quiescent current and cable break monitoring. Due to the enormous variety of settings (by PC software) almost every desired switching behaviour can be produced at the switching outputs. The sensor input can be equipped with an antitremor filter and an ejection alarm. In multi-mode, you can switch between up to 5 individually configurable switching modes with a long or double click. This allows, for example, a parallel operation of environmental control device and luminous call system in a simple manner. An acoustic and optical signal can be set as an acknowledgement to the operator. ClickMan becomes the ProX 2 by using an optionally available capacitive proximity sensor. The proximity sensor is plugged into the ClickMan by means of a 3.5 mm jack plug and then can be used like a customary single-button sensor. In order to trigger a switching function, it is sufficient to come close to the sensor with the •Any single sensors/switches such as PikoButton or PikoButton NC can be used for quiescent or working current and proximity sensor (ProX2 set) •Suitable for mobile applications due to lithiumpolymer battery. •Cable break and function monitoring of the sensor possible with configurable call switching •Safety thanks to battery and system monitoring (watchdog) with call switching •2 potential-free switching contacts available on one jack plug each •A switching contact can be used and configured as a normally open contact and / or normally closed contact. •This allows the ClickMan to be used as a triggering device for luminous and nurse call systems with quiescent current and cable break monitoring. Second switching contact for parallel operation of environmental control units. •Thanks to the intuitive configuration software (for Microsoft Windows), the full functionality including response and switching behaviour can be adapted to the user at the PC. •Individually adjustable anti-tremor filter (response time and duration can be adjusted continuously) •Dual or multiple functions applicable (for example, for triggering a nurse call and parallel operation of the environmental control, switchable / toggling by configurable double or long click). •Acoustic and / or optical feedback during operation #20422 ClickMan #20424 Housing pipe mounting suitable for ClickMan #19013 Housing wall mounting suitable for ClickMan ClickMan pipe mounting ClickMan ProX2 Proximity sensor sets #20420 ClickMan ProX2 Set with M18- Proximity sensor (big sensor) #20428 ClickMan ProX2 Tripod Set with M12- Proximity sensor (small sensor embedded in a flexible modular hose) #20429 ClickMan ProX2 Tripod Set with M18- Proximity sensor (big sensor with clamp) #20430 ClickMan ProX2 Mount Set with M12- Proximity sensor (small sensor embedded in a flexible modular hose) | 25

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