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CSS Catalogue 2018/2019 (English)

Assistive technologies for people with disabilities. Full catalogue.

AMAneo Compensate hand

AMAneo Compensate hand tremor with ANY mouse AMAneo Assistive Mouse Adapter New in 2018 This special adapter helps people with hand tremors control a computer mouse more easily by filtering out shaky hand movements. For people with hand tremors it can be very difficult to use a conventional mouse for even the most simple computer tasks because of the bouncing movements of the cursor. For people suffering from conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, the Assistive Mouse Adapter feels like a magic device! Just plug this device into any PC or Notebook for smoother control (AMAneo USB). Or connect it through Bluetooth (AMAneo BT). No software required, a pure hardware solution! It can be adjusted to compensate tremors of varying intensities. A dwell function is integrated as well as a movement stop while clicking. You can connect separate switches for left and right mouse button. Main features: • USB interface for Windows, MAC, Android (AMAneo USB) • Bluetooth interface for Windows, MAC, Android (AMAneo BT) • Adjustable tremor compensation • Adjustable Click Timer • Adjustable Button Delay • 2 Connectors for external switches (mouse buttons) Technical data: •Dimensions: 77 x 77 x 26 mm •1250 mAh Lipo batterie (AMAneo BT) Scope of delivery: AMAneo USB, USB cable, manual AMAneo BT, USB charger, manual #20520 AMAneo USB #20521 AMAneo BT INCAP Senior Mouse Ergonomic palm mouse Due to its shape and function, especially suitable for people with age-related restrictions in fine motor skills: the mouse for senior citizens can compensate even strong trembling, so the cursor does not slip unintentionally. Unlike conventional computer mice, the hand does not have to enclose the device in order to guide it safely. The mouse for senior citizens is designed like a bowl to match the shape of a hand, which ensures a secure hold. Technical data: •Trembling is not reflected in mouse pointer actions •No slipping of the cursor when the hand is taken from the mouse to confirm the mouse button •Right handed •Suitable for Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 as well as Mac OSX •Works without special software •Direct use •USB interface #19110 INCAP Senior Mouse 30 | | 31

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