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CSS Catalogue 2018/2019 (English)

Assistive technologies for people with disabilities. Full catalogue.

Remotely control per

Remotely control per infrared and radio Environmental control is the remote control of devices. With a transmitter, receivers are controlled by radio or infrared. Receivers can be the TV, a telephone with infrared receiver or an emergency call system. A bed control provided with a receiver or a correspondingly equipped switch can be controlled, too. Environmental control enables people with motor impairments to operate devices and systems in their environment adapted to their possibilities and thereby significantly improve the quality of life. Table of contents RemoBox for Easywave 6 Power switch adapter set 7 Pilot touch 8 Eldat Easywave - Funkschaltsystem 9 RemoSet - Wireless IR-Phone 10 L-Phone II - Wire-bound IR-phone 11 Infrared bed control - BIF8plus 12 BIF8 plus SwitchControl - Control by switches 13 BIF8 plus for Easywave - Control via radio receiver 13 ICS8 V2 - IR switch box 13 ICS Mini - Small IR switch box 13 IR Controlbox for Netti wheelchair 13 ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL Remotely control electronic and electrical devices

Did you know?… … that we are dealing with assistive technologies for over 30 years? At the beginning of the 1980s, the idea was born with the Mediencomputer MC2 of providing independent communication, information and environmental control to the most severely physically disabled people with almost complete paralysis. With a remaining motor response (for example, blowing or sucking), they could now do things that are everyday normality for healthy people. What was then a revolutionary idea, today is an integral part of the affected people’s lives. Today, environmental control devices and special controls have become much smaller, more powerful and more intelligent. Our experienced team of electronics engineers and software developers is highly motivated and works on new ideas for the future for disabled people every day. Modern electronics productions, expert advice as well as the integrated repair department ensure high quality and good service of our products. | 5

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