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CSS Catalogue 2018/2019 (English)

Assistive technologies for people with disabilities. Full catalogue.

New JamesLE

New JamesLE Environmental Control keypad with the finger or via scanning. For this purpose, one or two control elements such as keys or sensors are connected by means of an integrated socket. In scanning mode, which can be carried out in different modes, the symbol of the active button is displayed in the display. All icons of the current menu appear on the right and left of the display. If a voice output is specified, it is played back when a new key is displayed. The large graphic color display shows all functions in high contrast, so that the operation is very simple and clear, especially in the scanning mode. The JamesLE has an integrated rechargeable battery with a long operating time for independent use on the wheelchair, bed or armchair. The built-in emergency call function makes it easy to call for help. In the case of finger operation, all sensor fields form a single large, easily accessible key. #20416 JamesLE Scope of delivery: •JamesLE •Charging cable •Instruction manual •Configuration software The environmental control unit JamesLE allows people who cannot operate customary remote controls, or only do it with difficulty, to control practically all electrical devices. This includes not only entertainment electronics such as televisions, receivers or sound systems, but also light switches, blinds, telephones and much more. JamesLE can learn infrared signals from any remote control and trigger the devices by means of its powerful infrared transmitter. Up to 112 functions can be used on 8 levels on 14 key pads each. Each key can be assigned with up to 4 IR signals, for example, to activate several functions, automatically one after the other, such as TV muted and pick up telephone. Each field can be provided with a symbol and a message with voice output. Thanks to its comprehensive accessories, JamesLE is a flexible environmental control tool. By means of the optionally available RemoBox (see page 6), also control radio-controlled devices, e. g. power sockets and light switches can be triggered. Technical data: •12 Functions •8 levels with 14 functions each •3.5 mm stereo jack for one or two control elements •Large graphic color display •Large illuminated keys (various colors) •Capacitive touch sensors •Powerful infrared transmitter •Voice output •Recording directly on the device •Different scan modes •Backup by USB port •Large icons adjustable for each function •Many setting possibilities (e. g. keypads) by touch technology •Emergency call function (the entire keypad acts as a function) •Dimensions: 180 x 70 x 40 mm •Weight approx. 350 g •LiPo battery Operation can be carried out directly via the sensor 8 |

ELDAT Easywave Radio switching components Plug-in receiver RCP05 single channel #RCP05E5001-01-01K (D/A/NL/S/N) #RCP05E5001-02-01K (GB) #RCP05E5001-04-01K (F/B/PL) #RCP05E5001-05-01K (CH) Plug-in call signal RCP09 single channel #RCP09E5001-11-01K (D/A/NL/S/N) #RCP09E5001-12-01K (GB) #RCP09E5001-14-01K (F/B/PL) #RCP09E5001-15-01K (CH) Plug-in radio bell RCP04 single channel #RCP04E5001-11-01K (D/A/NL/S/N) #RCP04E5001-12-01K (GB) #RCP04E5001-14-01K (F/B/PL) #RCP04E5001-15-01K (CH) Plug-in receiver Impuls RCP02 single channel #RCP02E5001-01-01K (D/A/NL/S/N) #RCP02E5001-02-01K (GB) #RCP02E5001-04-01K (F/B/PL) #RCP02E5001-05-01K (CH) Plug-in repeater RXP03 #RXP03E5001-01-01K (D/A/NL/S/N) #RXP03E5001-02-01K (GB) #RXP03E5001-04-01K (F/B/PL) #RXP03E5001-05-01K (CH) RCJ01 Flush-mounted receiver #RCJ01E5001-01-23K single channel, 230V #RCJ01E5001-02-23K single channel, 230V / potential-free #RCJ01E5001-03-23K single channel, 12-24V AC/DC #RCJ01E5001-04-23K single channel, 230 V Timer #RCJ01E5002-04-23K single channel, motor/2 button operation #RCJ01E5002-01-23K single channel, motor/3 button operation More flush-mounted receivers #RCJ06E5001-01-23K single channel, potential-free changeover contact #RCJ14E5001-01-23K Dimmer single channel, 230 V #RCJ15E5001-01-23K Flush-mounted receiver for heating control single channel #RCJ16E5001-01-23K Flush-mounted receiver, single channel changeover potential-free, AND/OR #RCJ02E5002-01-02K Flush-mounted receiver single channel, with time switch and display, 230V More receivers #RCL03E5002-01-01K RCL03 Mini receiver 2-channel, low voltage 12-24V AC/DC #RCL04E5002-01-01K RCL04 Mini receiver 2-channel, low voltage 12-24V AC/DC IP65 RCL07 receivers #RCL07E5002-01-02K Mini receiver 2-channel #RCL07E5002-11-02K Call receiver 2-channel, IP54 Built-in receiver #RCU09E5002-01-03K Built-in receiver single channel, motor/2 button operation #RCU10E5001-01-03K Built-in receiver single channel, 230 V #RCS04E5002-01-01K Built-in dimcontroller 2 channel, 1-10 V #RCH01E5005-01-29K Radio control for heating circuits 5 channel, 230 V Transmitter #RT26E5001-12-23K RT26 Wristband transmitter red button, IP65 #RT27E5001-11-23K RT27 necklace transmitter red button, IP65 #RT34E5010-01-22K Hand transmitter 10 channel, glossy black #RTS08E5002-01-02K Wall switch 2 channel, white #RTS08E5004-01-02K Wall switch 4 channel, white #RTS05E5001A03-40 Call sensor wall switch single channel, red More transmitters and receivers from the ELDAT Easywave product range are available. Overview: For European market only | 9

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