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DRESSAGE HIGHLIGHTS 22-28 January WALES & WEST Burrows Court Farm, Glos | Coleg Cambria, Flintshire Girl power ruled at Burrows Court. “I’ve only ever had geldings, but I’d go with mares all the way now,” said Tamsin Hembrough, double novice winner with Sancerre. Tamsin has owned the sevenyear-old Scolari daughter for three years after she was found in Germany by Darren Mattia. She stamped her authority with two scores topping 72%, which followed the 80.18% she achieved at Summerhouse EC last autumn. “We’re quietly climbing up the levels,” said Tamsin, who trains every few weeks with Darren and Mark Forrest in Herefordshire, despite living four hours away near Cambridge. Hazel Coombes won the novice 30 silver at Coleg Cambria with her six-year-old CDS Oreo Jazz. “He takes things in his stride, but I don’t like to rush him,” said Hazel of the 17hh gelding, who is Hazel Coombes on CDS Oreo Jazz By ANDREA OAKES a grandson of Glock’s Johnson on one side and Goshka Ringo VII on the other. The pair train with Stephen Clarke and occasionally with German coach Jörgen Rask. Stena Hoerner won both novices outright with the homebred gelding Fidalgo T, before taking a medium with Serafina T. SCOTLAND Cabin EC, Aberdeen An exciting Welsh section D mare achieved 75.85% in a qualifying novice with Nicky Heale. By MELANIE SCOTT Owned by Nicky and her fiancé Nick Veitch, the talented rising six-year-old Balhagarty Royal Dhu has qualified for the novice under-18 Area Festival final with Zoe Florence. “Dhu can be quite hot, so I wanted to get her out before the regionals,” said Nicky. “It’s almost a year since I last competed her as Zoe has been riding her.” “I first saw her as a two-dayold foal, and thought she was just beautiful. She’s been incredibly easy with a huge character. She has a good temperament and doesn’t need to be ridden every day.” Medium silver winner Sam Turpitt was pleased to be out competing with her seven-yearold Bali Dancer (Barclay x Del Piero) after an icy winter. “I haven’t been out competing since November and we’ve had nothing but ice and snow,” said Sam. “Up until about 10 days ago, I thought I wouldn’t be entering the winter regionals as I haven’t been able to ride enough, however, we seem to have a small break in the weather, so I thought I’d test the water. “Bali was great and, although the tests felt a bit rusty, I was pleased with how she felt, given the amount of time off she’s had over the past few months.” ONLY IN HORSE & HOUND ‘Motivate yourself through training’ Dan Sherriff on beating the blues and the gap between ponies and juniors EVERYONE suffers with winter blues, including the horses. We all just want to hibernate until spring. But if you can’t afford to get away to the sunshine — and let’s face it, it’s unrealistic when we’re all busy with horses — try to motivate yourself through the winter months by putting more effort into your training. Choose a trainer who is not only inspirational, but also somebody who is honest; someone who can lift you up when you need it and also bring you back down to earth. I’ve trained with some of the best in the world, and the thing they all have in common is that they make me come away from their sessions feeling inspired and excited. Training can often provoke that feeling, even more than winning at a show. Talk to other riders as well. It’s difficult when you usually ride at home alone, but we can all help each other along. Dan Sherriff is an international grand prix rider and well-respected trainer, who has multiple national titles to his name. He also works closely with British Dressage as trainer to the pony progress squad. OPINION CHILDREN ON HORSES BRITISH dressage is still lagging behind other countries and disciplines when it comes to the children-on-horses division for 12- to 14-year-olds. There’s a lack of awareness about it and, as the pony progress squad trainer, this is something I’m keen to change, and started talking about three years ago. The pony section is competitive as we have many children who are talented riders, which is great. But there are only four places on a team, meaning most won’t have that opportunity. However, there is another option — for those talented young riders to move on to horses sooner. There’s always a big drop-off in numbers after ponies, and we’re thin on the ground when it comes to quality riders at junior and young rider levels. But if we had children riding horses earlier, not only does it give them a chance to gain valuable international experience, but it also gives them more time to train themselves, and their horses, to be ready for juniors by the time they’re 16. If you want to know more, please get in touch with British Dressage (BD). TEAMWORK I’M delighted the pony progress squad now works much more closely with the prime squad. The riders from both squads work together in training, with each coach at either end of the same arena. It means I have the chance to show my younger, less-experienced riders those combinations they are aspiring to be like. How often would they get the chance to share an arena with a gold medal-winning pony such as SL Lucci? For those children who learn visually, it’s invaluable when I can stop for a moment and show them what they should be working towards. It also helps keep the costs down — it’s using one venue rather than two — and we’re working with the same nutritionists, physios and advisors for both squads. It makes so much sense—Idon’t know why the other groups aren’t doing it. TIME TO SUPPORT BD BD has had a lot of stick in recent months. Many people have been disgruntled, and seemingly out for blood. But it’s time we let BD have a chance to see if all the changes are going to work. BD has made a lot of effort to listen to reviews and complaints, and is trying hard to take them on board. It saddens me to see the sport I love so passionately being ripped apart by, in some cases, bitter members. People need to quieten down and get behind BD in its efforts. H&H NEXT WEEK International rider and trainer Anna Ross Pictures by Jon Stroud Media. and Shaz Stanley Photography 52 Horse & Hound 8 February 2018

NORTH-WEST Cockshot Dressage, Cheshire | Myerscough Arena, Lancs Comeback king River Rico won on his first outing in 18 months at both prelim and novice at Cockshot. “Did I ever think I’d be back out competing him again? No,” said owner/rider Stacey Jones, who bought the horse as a yearling. “He’s had a kissing spine operation, but the real breakthrough has been from my farrier Mark Caldwell.” The Riverside x Bergamot 12-year-old was fitted with a RESULTS FIELD HOUSE EC 25 Jan: prelim 17AQ (S Woore).— 1, I’m Spartacus (L Robinson) 68.79; 2, Furlongs Black Jack (J Nolan) 68.62; 3, Llangybi Deio (S Wall) 67.59. prelim 19Q gold.— 1, Bathsjeba (G Turnbull) 66.25; 2, Canterbury Himself (H Upton) support shoe on his near fore in December. “His conformation is not the best and the shoe acts as a stabiliser,” explained Stacey. “It’s like a switch has been flicked. I was ready to retire him and now I’ve got my horse back.” Lisa Marriott was another winning at prelim level, this 64.42; 3, Beldam’s Dublin (E Rarity) 60. brnz.— 1, Credit Crunch (K Jeffels) 64.79; 2, Llangybi Deio 64.79. nov 22 gold.— 1, Kardinal (G Turnbull) 68.28; 2, Fidalgo Classic (G Turnbull) 66.38. silv.— 1, Lux Zee (K Grundy) 67.59; 2, Carman Of Westoak (E Wooliscroft) 66.9; 3, Tara Pat (C Bradley) 66.03. nov 37AQ silv.— 1, Breezer II (R Wood) 73.89; 2, Ernesto (I Dearman) 69.81; 3, Aberville (G Clarke) 66.85. elem 53Q time at Myerscough with her Rock Forever x Stedinger son. The five-year-old Rockstar I was bought as a three-year-old from the Excellent Dressage Sales at Academy Bartels in Holland. “It was one of the best nights of my life,” said Lisa, who went to the auction with her partner Jan. “We (K Barker) gold.— 1, Zion (L Pearson) 69.85; 2, Movinight (J Stoyell) 68.24. silv.— 1, Breezer II 65.15. med 73Q gold.— 1, Movinight 68.24; 2, Zion 64,56. silv.— 1, Cinderella II (E Van Mourik) 64.12; 2, Styletta (R Wood) 63.09. adv med 85 gold.— 1, Lothario (J Critchley) 67.97. adv med 91Q gold.— 1, Lothario 66.79. silv.— 1, Styletta 67.97. inter I.— 1, Die Fie (J Yardley) 67.11. River Rico, by Riverside, beats kissing spines to win at prelim and novice under Stacey Jones only went to watch, but we ended up buying ‘Rocket’.” The then three-year-old colt was initially left with the Bartels. “We collected semen from him and my mare Paris is due to him this year,” said Lisa. “He’s been gelded now though as I have mares and foals around at home.” This was the horse’s first affiliated outing. “Jan’s company DDP Group are sponsoring me now, but the deal meant I had to get out and do some competing,” Lisa quipped. 15) 15) " ) $(-#& (, (*4 ) ,2,4 " " $(-#& (, (*4 11 ,! (, 2,/!, #&(,%/#(& !$* & 3# *$- (&// $#3, ,-(& $ 5)11 0)' %#$ ($#3,+*,-(&/#%#&+(% 8 February 2018 Horse & Hound 53

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