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THE APP “HAIR CONNECTION“ CRM MY PROFILE Customer Christine Turner 20 Austria TOUCHPOINT Hairdresser Hannah Smith 24 Austria Hobbies - dancing - doing yoga - photography My latest looks IT‘S A MATCH! Hobbies - cooking - doing yoga - painting My latest works 6

fsd THE APP “HAIR CONNECTION“ CRM HAIR CONNECTION It‘s time to cut your hair! #becauseyoureworthit TIP OF THE WEEK BE A BEACH BABE ... Create fascinating curls that stay all day by using our L‘Oréal beach waves kit! #becauseyoureworthit 7

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Globalizing the value chain: The future of R&D in Austria/ Germany
Distressed debt in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - Roland Berger
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Globalizing the value chain: The future of R&D in Austria/ Germany
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Notes on some Indian Ustilagineae - X.
Corrections and Additions to the Book 'Morphology of Seed-Plants'
Studies in Phlebia. Six species with teeth
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Some hyaloscyphaceous fungi from tundra and taiga
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CEE in 2020 – Trends and perspectives for the next ... - Roland Berger
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Subantarctic Geoglossaceae. II. *)