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South 16 Woodham Focus South Woodham Focus PHILLIPS COACHES EASTER BREAK Good weekend had by all weather not bad, didn’t get soaked! A big thank you to everyone for all their hardwork, especially Terry our driver who goes above and beyond to make sure everyone enjoys the trip. BIR Travel to Hong Kong I have never been there myself but it seems my Plastic Recycling has. According to a SKY News Documentary (Freeview Channel 233) Chelmsford City Council has an Export Contract and a recycling scheme that no doubt pays handsomely for the Exporter but leaves the distinctive Chelmsford City Council plastic recycling bags stacked high. It would appear the Exporter is also storing some bales on land he owns in Poland. The material is no longer fit for recycling !!!! Out of sight out of mind. Local Elections will give all of us the chance to make our feelings known about our recycled plastic waste and other concerns residents may have about planning and other issues. Name and address supplied Over To You THANKS FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped me when I crashed my van on Thursday evening, especially members of the public who stopped and phoned the emergency services. In particular the lady doctor from York – Louise who went to my friend’s practice to notify her, sorry we have mislaid your number, but please contact the Focus office so we can contact you – and all the emergency service crews, police, fire and ambulance who were all outstandingly kind and patient with me - just superb as always – what would we all do without you brilliant people? Finally an APOLOGY to anyone who was late for their dinner or [anything else they were scheduled to do on Thursday evening] because the road was closed. Thank you all Chris Stevens Farleigh Hospice Easter Prize Draw THANK YOU IAN & ANDY May we through the Focus, thank Ian Young (Plumbing and Heating) and his pal Andy for the great job they carried out updating our bathroom. What lovely guys and so helpful. Roy & Rita (Wiles) Farleigh Hospice Shop would like to thank all of our customers who participated in the Easter Prize Draw. Organised by our longest serving volunteer, Linda Vivash, the Draw raised £152.50 for the hospice and the hamper of easter goodies was won by Rosa. Thank you to all who participated. !"#$%#& '()*+,&$%& Doubting Thomas We live in a world where people are sceptical about the existence of God and the life of Jesus. Perhaps you are one of those who have dismissed God’s existence, or maybe you are not sure. If you turn to the gospels for proof, you may even find you are more sceptical. As we emerge from the Easter season, our gospels have !"#$%&'()*+",-.) related how, at the end of his life, one of his friends betrayed him, 1-":#";"+?",#/1+*'?"+#1-('#2"5*+"8##E-":#)"+"#'*#$*'?"+#5$""%'?#%'# his closest followers fled from him when he was under threat, and his right-hand man, Peter, denied him. 5"(+=#231#+"(,:#1*#$(:#,*)'#1-"%+#$%&"/8##E-*;(/#1**#)(/#;(+1:+",8# Surely the people who were with him !"#$%&"#%'#(#)*+$,#)-"+"#."*.$"#(+"#/0".1%0($#(2*31#1-"#"4%/1"'0"#*5# throughout his ministry would be certain that he was the real deal. >1

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