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SOUTH WOODHAM FOCUS 6 South Woodham Focus ‘To Eat or not to Eat’ Food addiction can show itself in many different ways. We thought we lacked self-discipline or willpower. Many of us had self-discipline in other areas of our lives, but not with food or is it we sometimes restrained our eating while on a diet, it never lasted very long. We hear people express feelings of low self-esteem, fear, doubt, security, shame, guilt and hopelessness around their relationship with food. We hate to admit if we have a problem and that we are not ‘normal’ with our food intake. Over time we can become aware that these symptoms can be classed as food addiction.. In my opinion the best way to tackle these issues is with Homeopathy. The Consultation gives time to discuss WHY we are addicted to food or conversely are depriving ourselves of the fuel to feed our bodies and minds and function well. These issues are deeply emotional and the experienced Homeopathic Practitioner will prescribe the correct Homeopathic medicine to address the CAUSE of these issues and to help change habits and feel better about ourselves. There is also a facility here at the Holistic Centre to discover if you are having any problems with any of the foods you may be eating and we offer; Food Intolerance Testing, which has helped many people improve their health. People come with an array of symptoms and many of them are due to food intolerance. Symptoms such as IBS, Bloating, Migraine, Headaches, Fatigue, Joint Pains, Depression and many other symptoms. The test is a non invasive/no needles test which takes just an hour with immediate results. Please see my website for further details. For more information - phone or email - Jan Taylor at the Holistic Centre, 100 Haltwhistle Road, South Woodham Ferrers , CM3 5RF. Tel: 01245 325312, email, for more details When in doubt always seek the help of a medical professional. The advice contained in this article is for general information only. If you have a health problem you should seek specific professional advice. CONCERT SELL-OUT BODES WELL FOR MALDON URC Maldon United Reformed Church, Market Hill, Maldon CM9 4PZ Following the hugely successful concert given by the SWIFT SINGERS at South Woodham's Holy Trinity Church, raising well over £1,000 with the Tenor, BBC Cardiff Singer of the World, John Pierce, the choir from South Woodham Ferrers will be appearing again at Maldon United Reformed Church on Saturday, 5 th May 2018 at 7.30pm. On this occasion the Swift Singers will be joined by the greatly entertaining, SPERRIN CHOIR from Northern Ireland. Last year the Swift Singers travelled to Northern Ireland to sing with The Sperrin Choir, where their joint rendition of a medley from Les Miserables nearly took the roof off! This is The Sperrin Choir's return visit and as an added bonus the astonishing young violinist, Caroline Penn, will be the Swift Singers' guest soloist. Many attending Caroline's concerts will know that this young virtuoso invariably brings audiences to their feet. Caroline will be joined by Catriona Kadirkamanathan, an equally talented young musician, who in addition to being a fine cellist and one time member of the National Children's Orchestra, is also a member of the National Youth Training Choir of Great Britain and The London Youth Choir. Saturday 5 th May 2018 promises to be a special concert and even before it's announcement tickets are selling fast. If you would like to come along to The Maldon United Reformed Church and enjoy the experience of two excellent choirs and two outstanding soloists, why not contact Jean on 01245 321920.

South Woodham Focus 7 South Woodham Focus Collingwood Pre-school Celebrate Collingwood Pre-school recently celebrated achieving the Good Beginnings: Early Years Autism-friendly Setting Award Level 1 (Bronze). We are also very proud to be the first setting in South Woodham Ferrers to achieve this award! To celebrate receiving our certificate from Stephanie Glover, SEN CPD Quality Assurance Officer, we also had in attendance; our preschool staff, children on session, Liz Burgess, Nicola Wiseman, Town Mayor Councillor Peter Wyatt, accompanied by the Deputy Town Mayor Councillor Alan Shearring. Special thanks are extended to Vicky and Louise for their support with the documentation. We now look forward to working towards achieving the Silver Award. Many thanks to all the staff team for their continued hard work and to our parents and their families, for all the support they give to pre-school throughout the year. Best wishes to you all, Jan Green, Manager. "Kind of Bass (Blue)" Following on from the drummer in last week's edition of the " Focus", the next most important instrument in the rhythm section of a "jazz" or "rock" band, is the bass. Both "genres" follow the European tradition of music, whereby, after the melody, the bass holds the next most important part. Generally, composers will invent the tune, then the bass, finally filling in the other parts. In early 20th century New Orleans, the marching jazz bands needed a portable instrument to play the bass line, so the tuba, or sousaphone "fitted the bill". When the "jazz" band moved into restaurants and bars, and the music became more sophisticated, these raucous instruments were mostly replaced by double basses, seen in the "classical" orchestra, plucked (pizzicato) not bowed. They gave a warmer sound, and were more versatile (a sousaphone couldn't change key in the middle of a number). Later on in "rock" and "blues" bands, the bass guitar, an even more portable instrument, superceded the "double" bass. Our bassist Len uses both instruments depending on whether we want a "bluesy" or "lyrical" sound. You can see him perform in the Bell pub, Woodham Ferrers on Monday 30th April, 8.30 - 11, along with the rest of the modern jazz quintet "Kind of Blue". Entry and sandwiches are free. Reminder "Jazz on a summer's day with scones and jam" in the Bell, Sunday, June 10th 2.30- 4.30, in aid of breast cancer. Ticket only, details to follow. SOUTH WOODHAM FOCUS

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