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The EtherCAT realtime library system of SYBERA enables a custom ethernet adapter under Windows as an EtherCAT Master

EtherCAT Realtime Master

EtherCAT Realtime Master Library Documentation SYBERA Copyright © 2014 Sample: //Change state to INIT if (ERROR_SUCCESS == EcatChangeAllStates(AL_STATE_INIT)) { //Set fixed station addresses and //Init FMMUs and SYNCMANs if (ERROR_SUCCESS == EcatInitStationAddresses(EcatParams.PhysAddr)) if (ERROR_SUCCESS == EcatInitFmmus(EcatParams.LogicalAddr)) if (ERROR_SUCCESS == EcatInitSyncManagers()) //Change state to PRE OPERATIONAL if (ERROR_SUCCESS == EcatChangeAllStates(AL_STATE_PRE_OP)) { //Init PDO assignment and //Change state to SAFE OPERATIONAL if (ERROR_SUCCESS == EcatPdoAssignment()) if (ERROR_SUCCESS == EcatChangeAllStates(AL_STATE_SAFE_OP)) { //Change state to OPERATIONAL if (ERROR_SUCCESS == EcatChangeAllStates(AL_STATE_OP)) { //Init process telegrams InitProcessTelegrams(); … SYBERA GmbH, Hohenzollernstr. 2, 71088 Holzgerlingen, Germany, Tel: +49-7031-411-781 Page 44

EtherCAT Realtime Master Library Documentation SYBERA Copyright © 2014 6.2.4 Cyclic State Change For DC purpose its recommended to use cyclic state change for changing the state to AL_STATE_SAFE_OP and AL_STATE_ OP. ULONG Result = Ecat64CyclicStateControl( PSTATE_OBJECT pStateObject UCHAR State) Sample: STATE_OBJECT __StateObject = { 0 }; //Cyclic state object void static AppTask (PVOID) { //Check if initialization has been done if (__bInitDone == FALSE) return; … } //Call enter wrapper function __EcatState = __fpEcatEnter( __pSystemStack, __pSystemList, (USHORT)__StationNum, &__StateObject); void main (void) { … //Change state to PRE OPERATIONAL //Init PDO assignment if (ERROR_SUCCESS == Ecat64ChangeAllStates(AL_STATE_PRE_OP)) if (ERROR_SUCCESS == Ecat64PdoAssignment()) { //Drift compensation delay [msec] ULONG CompDelay = 5000; //Init DC immediately after cyclic operation has started //and get static master drift per msec (nsec unit) if (ERROR_SUCCESS == Ecat64ReadDcLocalTime()) if (ERROR_SUCCESS == Ecat64CompDcOffset()) if (ERROR_SUCCESS == Ecat64CompDcPropDelay()) if (ERROR_SUCCESS == Ecat64CompDcDrift(&CompDelay)) if (ERROR_SUCCESS == Ecat64DcControl()) { //Init process telegrams InitProcessTelegrams (); SYBERA GmbH, Hohenzollernstr. 2, 71088 Holzgerlingen, Germany, Tel: +49-7031-411-781 Page 45

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